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Posted on August 05 2021

Canada PGP sponsorship cheaper in 2020, better chance for Canada PR

By  Editor
Updated July 25 2023

Canada’s PGP is a migration program that allows Canada PR visa holders and Canadian citizens to sponsor their parents and grandparents to join them in Canada. The good news is that the cost of sponsorship via this program has reduced in 2021.

What’s the PGP?

The PGP enables Canada PR visa holders and Canadian citizens outside Quebec to sponsor their parents and/or grandparents to acquire the status of Canada’s permanent residents.

Under this program, Canada’s federal government has set a target intake of 23,500 new Canada PR visa holders in its immigration levels plan.

Why has PGP gone cheaper?

IRCC has stated that the PGP has been made cheaper considering how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the financial capabilities of Canadian residents as well as citizens. Canada has reduced the income requirement of the PGP program for the tax year 2020 to just the minimum necessary income. The additional 30% that was attached to the requirement has been scrapped.

The advantages

Sponsors under the PGP could be eligible to sponsor with an income of just $32,899 in 2020, which is $8,108 lesser than 2019. The income requirement to be qualified under this program in 2019 was $41,007.

So, in 2020, if a sponsor wants to bring 2 parents and 4 grandparents to Canada, that person must have earnings of $62,814 in 2020, compared to $78,296 in 2019.

Not only is Canada’s federal government reducing income requirements, but also becoming lenient in the rules as to the way the sponsor has got it. That means, payments to CERB or EI are now considered as a sponsor’s income. Also, other benefits accrued for COVID-19 are also considered income if they aren’t a part of social assistance programs offered by Canadian provinces.

The reduced thresholds for sponsor’s income and the utilization of social assistance programs of Canada’s federal government towards the income of the sponsor isn’t applicable to the sponsor’s income for 2019 or 2018.

The latest income requirements

No. of Sponsored People 2020 2019 2018
2 $32,899 $41,007 $40,379
3 $40,445 $50,414 $49,641
4 $49,106 $61,209 $60,271
5 $55,695 $69,423 68,358
6 $62,814 $78,296 $77,095
7 $69,935 $87,172 $85,835
Every additional person $7,121 $8,876 $8,740

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PR – Permanent Residence/Permanent Resident

PGP – Parents and Grandparents Program

EI - Employment Insurance

CERB - Canada Emergency Response Benefit




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