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Posted on December 10 2020

Canada makes a statement with international student data

By  Editor
Updated July 25 2023

It’s time to commemorate the active role of international students in placing Canada in a popular spot on the world map along with adding to its economy. The statistics on international student enrolments is in fact interesting andworthwhile to observe.

In a recent statistical study, the pre-pandemic student enrolment information was studied to figure out the true impact of COVID-19 crisis on international students. This was significant as the number of students who come to study in Canada has an impact in the educational and economic scenario of the nation.

The data of enrolments that happened in 2018/19 was used as a benchmark to checkhow Canadian graduation and number of enrolments have been affected. The study gave more focus on international students.

There have been significant improvements and changes in the Canadian educational scene.It gives a perspective of how Canada student visa has fared through the years with significant shifts in enrolment and graduation rates.

The COVID-19 situation has caused a slump in revenue from provincial governments in Canada. Hence, Canadian universities are left with the option of depending largely on student tuition as an income source.

With international students paying more in tuition fees, it becomes a substantial income point for Canadian universities. International students contributed around 40% of all tuition fees collected in the 2018 academic year. This came to $4 billion across universities in Canada.

Known as the STEM category of studies, the enrolments in 2018 in this category in 2018 showed the strongest growth registered over a period of 10 years.

A corresponding progress was also registered in Canada’s labor market. Jobs related to digital economy grew 37%. This was a growth rate in excess of the growth rate of the total economy which stood at 8.6% between 2010 and 2017.

An increase in enrolments in management, business, and public administration programs was seen with international students over the decade leading to 2018. The percentage of international students studying in these fields increased by 200%. Only 7.7% growth in enrolments for these fields was registered by Canadian students.

In contrast, in health-related fields, while Canadian students who enrolled came to 15.2% in 2018, only 5.1% of international students enrolled into courses in these fields.

Canada is keeping itself revved to ensure that in a post-COVID world, the country will discover encouraging signs of resilient progress in the education field. As the participation of international students is highly necessary, Canada immigration authorities and the Government of Canada will surely do whatever possible to sustain demand for their universities and courses among foreign students.

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