Canada is the top overseas work destination

Canada is the top overseas work destination

Most countries are back on economic recovery after the COVID-19, and Canada is no exception. Immigrants are expected to make a significant contribution to the economic recovery of Canada, and this also indicates more job opportunities for immigrants.

With more immigrants wishing to work in Canada, it is no surprise that Canada has emerged as one of the top places to work in 2022.

Apart from a positive job outlook, Canada provides ideal working conditions, decent pay and work-life balance to overseas job seekers who come to work here. This has made the country a top destination for overseas jobs and a prime reason to migrate to Canada.

There are many reasons that make Canada a top destination. These include:

  • The economy is the fourteenth largest and this makes Canada one of the richest nations with a consistently high standard of living.
  • The jobless rates are lower than those in other nations.
  • Canada is making significant contribution to quantum computing, medical advances, space science and technology.
  • Canada is one of the world’s most peaceful nations

The other reasons why Canada is a great place to work include:

  • It has dependable and transparent public finance system that provides greater economic independence.
  • The country has strong financial networks and banking systems
  • Canada has a comparatively lower rate of unemployment than the U.S., particularly among young people.
  • The country provides decent healthcare, paid holidays and paid leave, including maternal leave and parental leave to workers.

Work permit requirements

If you decide to work in Canada, you must apply for a work permit. There are two types of work permits – open work permit and an employer-specific work permit.

An open work permit allows you to work for any employer in Canada. This visa is not job-specific, so applicants do not require the Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) or an offer letter from an employer who has paid the compliance fee.

With an open work permit, you can work for any employer except for those companies that do not comply with labor requirements. As the name suggests, the employer-specific work permit is a permit that allows you to work for a specific employer.

Every year over 300,000 individuals are granted permits to work in Canada.  With the Canada Work Permit Visa, you can:

  • Work in Canada under the employer mentioned in your work permit application
  • Apply for Dependent Visas to call your dependents
  • Earn in dollars
  • Travel across Canada
  • Apply for a PR visa later

Job outlook for 2022

The latest Canadian Occupational Projection System (COPS), released in 2019 covers the period between 2019-2028. This report states that the economic growth in Canada is expected to create 1.7 million new jobs which comes to annual average growth rate of 0.9% in the next ten years.

According to the report, industries associated to production or those with a high labor intensity are expected to rise rapidly.

The fast advancement of information and communication technology will force Canadian businesses to update their ICT systems, resulting in additional IT job openings.

An ageing population will also create work opportunities in the healthcare industry, according to the survey.

Benefits for immigrant workers in Canada

Employment opportunities: Canada has a very low unemployment rate compared to other developed countries. It is rapidly advancing in modern technology making it an ideal place for careers in software development or information technology. Fields such as aerospace, engineering, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals offer plenty of job opportunities.

With a valid work permit, your spouse or common law partner is eligible to work in Canada though they will have to get their own work permit.

Work benefits: Companies in Canada offer affordable employee health-care plans.

When you are eligible, you can earn compensation if you have lost your job and if you are willing to work but do not get any jobs.

A person who is pregnant or recently given birth, has adopted a child or is caring for a newborn has access to certain benefits.

If you have a chronically ill family member who is at risk of death, Compassionate Care benefits will support you. One is eligible for Parents of critically ill children benefits if he has a child who is critically injured or ill.

Benefits for dependent children: Dependent children will have access to free education at the elementary and secondary levels.

You can open a savings account for your child’s continuing education

You will get child healthcare benefits

Children with disabilities get special benefits

Training opportunities: Training opportunities include paid educational leave, apprenticeships and professional training, tuition compensation, etc.

Affordable cost of Living

Compared to other developed countries the cost of living in Canada is very affordable. Depending on the area you choose to stay, the housing is affordable. Food, gas, and even automobiles are cheaper than other well-developed nations. The country also has a low crime rate which makes it one of the world’s safest places to live.

Diversity in population

Through the years, many people from all over the world have immigrated to Canada, and as diversity has grown, many companies and organizations have taken this into account and taken measures to ensure that their work culture reflects Canada ‘s diverse population.

All these factors make Canada a top destination for overseas surpassing other countries that are popular overseas career destinations.

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