Canada immigration works towards its goals with gusto

Canada immigration in COVID

It can never be enough to say how Canada is setting an example to the world. Canada immigration is opening opportunities to foreigners to arrive and settle in the country through its immigration events. These may be Express Entry draws or Provincial Nomination Programs. But with a motivated effort in the forward direction with a vigilant and balanced approach, the country is keeping world nations in awe.

The Immigration Minister of Canada announced recently that the federal government is always committed to welcome immigrants. This is what Canada does to empower Canada’s economy and help it recover from a crisis like COVID-19.

Canada has already announced its high economic class targets of immigrants till 2021. Determined to achieve these targets as envisaged in its immigration levels plan, the country is now taking many measures to help immigrants arrive, live, and work in it.

In April 2020, Canada sent out 11,700 Invitations to Apply (ITA) to apply for Permanent Residence. All those came under the federal Express Entry system. Just in March 2020, the number of ITAs was 7,800, and 8,000 in February 2020. It shows how immigration Canada is keeping its performance consistently progressive.

As much as the federal government’s efforts, Canada’s provinces too are actively participating in bringing more skilled and qualified immigrants into the country. The provinces play a great role in providing pathways for permanent residence continuously to immigration candidates. This has been happening all through the COVID-19 situation.

Major Canadian provinces are conducting draws that invite candidates with profiles in the Express Entry pool. They can thus apply for a Provincial Nomination for Canadian Permanent Residence.

Quite commendably, 9714 PNP Invitations have been sent out by 5 primary provinces in 2020 so far. Here is how it went:

Province PNP Invitations issued
Ontario 2179
Alberta 1207
Saskatchewan 1969
British Columbia 2428
Manitoba 1931
Total 9714

Here are a few successful Provincial Nominations that happened in 2020 via Y-Axis, the world’s best visa and jobs overseas consultants:

Client Name Provincial Nomination Certificate issued by CRS NOC
Oliver Ontario 460 0213
Jay Ontario 464 0213
Praful Ontario 469 0124
Chinmay Ontario 452 2174
Binoj Saskatchewan 442 2132
Iqraa Saskatchewan 407 1212
Vidhyavathi Saskatchewan 440 4165
Priyanka Saskatchewan 451 1121
Vijay Saskatchewan 413 0016
Adesh Saskatchewan 393 0621
Somnath Saskatchewan 385 0122
Varun British Columbia 320 2173
Sonal Saskatchewan  326 4032

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