Go on a visit visa to Switzerland, Greece! Travel restrictions fully lifted now!

Switzerland and Greece remove all COVID travel restrictions (1)

It’s time to arrive in the best tourist destinations in Europe: Switzerland and Greece on a visit visa. The governments of these countries have withdrawn all COVID-related restrictions and are welcoming travelers yet again to visit these amazing countries and enjoy their visit there.

Welcome to Switzerland!

Since May 2, 2022, travelers from all around the world are allowed to enter Switzerland on a Switzerland visit visa without COVID-19 restrictions. Switzerland’s state secretariat stated that from May 2, 2022, travelers will only have to follow basic measures to be observed at the border such as holding a valid visa/passport.

By lifting the entry restrictions, it was made easier for travelers to visit Switzerland on a visit visa during the summer season. The decision was also made considering the rates of infection and vaccination in the country. In the past week, as per WHO reports, only 1,747 new COIVD-19 infections were reported in Switzerland.

It’s time to visit Greece!

Along with Switzerland, Greece also dropped all its entry restrictions at the border. This measure was announced by the Greek Ministry of Health on April 29, 2022. From May 1, 2022, all travelers, irrespective of their nationality, can enter Greece on a Greece visit visa. They have no need to provide proof related to COVID-19 upon their arrival, including a certificate for recovery, vaccination, or test.

Greece has also decided to lift whatever remaining domestic COVID-19 measures are in existence. This will allow all travelers to Greece to access restaurants, bars, cafes, and other public places as well as venues without having to hold any of the certificates aforementioned.

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Greece is also in an effort to attract more people to arrive in the country on a Greece Tourist Visa. The infection and vaccination rates in Greece as of now are also favorable for the decision taken to remove the restrictions. As per WHO reports, Greece has reported only 43,594 new COVID-19 cases in the past week.

Apart from these countries, 11 other EU/EEA member countries have also already removed their restrictions for those arriving on a visit visa. These countries include Denmark, Czechia, Iceland, Hungary, Latvia, Ireland, Poland, Norway, Slovenia, Romania, and Sweden. They are permitting travelers to visit without any restrictions.

The tourism scene in Europe is livening up yet again with these developments. If you are ready to visit Europe, the time is now!

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