Canada immigration and the advantage of learning French

How learning French can help you with Canada PR

You must be aware that Canada has more than one official language: English and French. When it comes to opportunities in Canada immigration, candidates should have sufficient skills in either or both of these languages to become eligible.

Though English is mostly spoken in Canada, you knowing French can give a distinct advantage. This happens especially when an opportunity comes to move to a Canadian province like Quebec, which is a Francophone province of Canada.

It’s undisputed that having skills in more than one language can benefit you immensely as it ups your opportunities and broadens your social network as well as career connections.

Certain PNP draws linked to Express Entry focuses on candidates with French language skills. There’s the FSW stream which is solely for Francophone candidates. To be eligible under this stream, you must have a minimum score of 67 points.

Benefits of learning French

Better opportunities in Canada migration related to study or work is accessible with a good base in the French language. If you are curious to learn the benefits of learning the French language, we are listing down some of those benefits for you below:

Opportunities to work in Canada

If you are aspiring to work in Canada, learning French can give you better potential and mileage. Multilingual candidates have an edge over others when it comes to quite a few job opportunities that come up in Canada.

Opportunities to study in Canada

French is the second language for communication in Canada. So, with knowledge of the French language, your chances of admission to excellent Canadian colleges will be much better.

When you intend to become Canada PR after doing study in Canada, your knowledge of French is going to be highly useful and will add points to your profile.

Opportunities in other countries

It’s one thing to score in Canada, but why limit yourself? With good knowledge of the French language, you can extend your search for career opportunities even in European countries. A Canadian graduate with skills in the French language will surely catch the eye of an employer in Europe while seeking candidates for prospective job openings.

What are tests that prove French skills?

If you want to prove your knowledge and proficiency in the French language, you have to take the TEF test. There are 2 types of this test:

  • TEF, which is widely accepted in Canada
  • TEFAQ, which is valid in the Canadian province of Quebec

If you have a high level of French skills, you could earn up to 30 points additionally during immigration candidate evaluation.

Your skills in French for Canada migration are evaluated using the NCLC test. For English, it’s the CLB test.

In case you score 7 or above in the NCLC test in all aspects of language skills:

  • You will be awarded 15 additional points in case you scored 4 or less in CLB.
  • You will be awarded 30 additional points in case you scored 5 or more in all 4 English skills.

So, isn’t it a great idea to get trained in French?

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