Canada immigration 2021 – A great idea for great reasons

The best reasons to immigrate to Canada in 2021

There’s a lot been said about how great a country Canada is to immigrate to. Canada immigration has even been the most resilient program seen by the world during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Canadian government is keeping up its efforts to bring in skilled people and offer them Canada PR in large numbers. So, isn’t that a sign that you should go for it?

To find out how it’s worth the effort to apply for Canada immigration and go all the way to arrive in Canada on a Canada PR visa in 2021, you have to consider what Canada is doing in 2021 on the immigration front. Canada is not only making its immigration programs more attractive but also offering new opportunities for specific classes of migrants to move into this amazing country.

Of course, a big chunk of 2021 is going to be affected by COVID-19. But the enthusiasm Canada is showing to fight the pandemic while keeping the immigration part alive and kicking is commendable. If you are looking for great job opportunities in Canada, it’s still available in a considerable measure. After all, Canada is counting on its immigrants arriving to work in Canada with specialized skills to help its economy to pick up and prosper in the days to come.

Comparing with many other major countries of the world, including the US we may say, things look more positive in Canada, just the way we expect them to be. So, let’s see why it’s going to be a good bet to immigrate to Canada going by what it’s planning to do in 2021.

Travel restrictions will be lifted eventually this year

The most heckling issue with immigration today is the travel restrictions that Canada maintains to stay safe from the COVID-19 pandemic. But now that the COVID vaccines are coming to save immigrants, the travel restrictions will be eased to a large extend as 2021 progresses.

Canada has already approved the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine for those over 16 years of age. The Modern a vaccine has been approved for those over 18 years of age. Early vaccination on priority will be given to the staff of care homes and Canada PR visa holders. Apart from them, adults in indigenous communities, adults over 70 years of age, and health care workers will also be given priority.

Soon, immigrants will also get vaccinated, which will bring back confidence in traveling to Canada, improving immigration to Canada. You will be assured safe travel and settlement in Canada.

The PGP lottery

One of the nicest things that have happened in 2021 is that Canada decided to once again use a randomized process of selection for sponsoring parents and grandparents. IRCC has already announced an invitation round for the PGP. This will be a part of the intake of 2020, in a new program delivery update.

In 2021the intake under PGP will increase to 30,000 applicants. So, permanent residents in Canada waiting for the opportunity to bring in their parents and grandparents are in for a treat.

CRS score requirements will further decrease

In another move to improve Canada immigration performance and bring more eligible and skilled people to Canada, the country will further reduce CRS score requirements will be further brought down. CRS requirement is expected to go below 400 points, allowing more eligible candidates to be invited through Express Entry draws.

So,more people will be included in the draw and that means you will have a better chance to immigrate to Canada.

New immigration pathways for Hong Kong citizens

In 2021, Canada will offer a treat for Hong Kong citizens as the country will launch 2 new immigration pathways for them, enabling them to become Canada PRs. The first pathway will focus on those who a minimum criterion for language and education level along with work experience in Canada.

For the second pathway, the Canadian government will speed up processing study permit applications for candidates from Hong Kong eligible and willing to study in Canada. After their studies, they can directly apply for a Canada PR visa.

Huge focus on Canadian economic programs

This must be music to your ears. Canada is working hard and broad on economic programs that are connected with immigration to lift its economy from the hard spot it’s in now.

Increasing the immigration targets in the Canadian immigration Levels Plan 2021-2023 is one way the country aims to achieve improvement in the economy. Canada is aiming at creating a lot of jobs that will need immigrant workers.

Around 60% of admissions will be coming from the economic class. This could mean your road to immigration to Canada is finally clear and more possible than expected.

So, now you have more than a couple of reasons to consider how great an idea it is to immigrate to Canada. Think and make your move.

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