Canada announces a new PR pilot for agri-food workers

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Canada paves a new pathway for Permanent Residence for migrant workers in the agri-farm sector starting in 2020. 

The new Agri-Food Pilot will initially run for 3 years. The Pilot aims to retain non-seasonal, experienced foreign workers who have a job offer from Canada’s agri-foods and agriculture sector. 

The agri-food industry exported products worth $66.2 billion in 2018. The industry also supports 1 out of every 8 jobs in Canada. However, industries like mushroom production and meat processing are facing a labour crunch. 

At present, migrant farm workers come to Canada only through the TFW (Temporary Foreign Worker) program. There are only limited work permits available through the TFW Program. It also has no provision for Permanent Residence. 

The following industries and occupations are eligible under the new Agri-Food Immigration Pilot: 

  • Meat Processing 
  • Retail Butcher 
  • Industrial Butcher 
  • Food Processing labourer 
  • Harvest labourer for all year greenhouse crop production and mushroom production 
  • General farmworker for all year greenhouse crop production, livestock raising or mushroom production 
  • Specialized workers for livestock and Farm Supervisor for processing meat, all year greenhouse crop production, mushroom production or raising livestock 

The new Pilot will accept 2,750 primary applicants each year. Including family members, Canada could welcome well over 16,500 new PRs in the 3-year time the pilot would run. 

The eligibility requirement for this new pilot for agri-food workers are: 

  1. Should have at least 12 months of full-time, non-seasonal work experience in the TFW program in Canada. This work experience should be in any one of the eligible occupations for this pilot. 
  1. Demonstrate language proficiency of at least CLB 4 in either English or French 
  1. Should have completed high school or higher 
  1. Should have a full-time, non-seasonal job offer from Canada (outside Quebec). The salary offered should be at or above the prevailing wage. 

More details about this new immigration pilot will be made available in early 2020, as per CIC News. 


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