British Columbia and N&L have the highest job growth in Oct

British Columbia and N&L recorded the highest job growth in October, according to the new Labour Force Survey. 

Canada created 443,000 new jobs between October 2018 and October 2019, as per Statistics Canada. 

The Labour Force Survey showed that there was no change in the national employment rate. It remained steady at 5.5%. Canada scrapped 1,800 net jobs which caused the overall employment to fall slightly in October. In comparison, there were large employment gains in both August and September. 

British Columbia created 15,000 new jobs in October. It had the lowest unemployment rate among all provinces in Canada at 4.7%. 

2,700 new jobs were created by Newfoundland and Labrador in October. 

The employment level and unemployment rate remained largely steady in all Canadian provinces. 

Employment increases for workers over 55 

There were 31,000 more jobs for workers aged over 55. The unemployment rate for such workers was 4.7%, dropping by 0.2%. 

Between October 2018 and October 2019, the number of jobs for workers over 55 increased by 4.6% to 187,000. 

There was a decrease of 29,000 jobs in October for male workers between 24 and 54 years. Compared to October 2018, however, there were 94,000 more jobs for this group in October 2019. 

There was no major change in the employment level for female workers between 24 and 54 years. 

There was also no change in the jobs created for workers between 15 and 24 years. 

Increase/decrease in employment industry-wise 

Construction and Manufacturing saw a drop in employment levels in October. There were 21,000 fewer jobs in Construction in October and 23,000 in Manufacturing. 

Most of the job losses in Manufacturing happened in Ontario. The job losses in Construction, on the other hand, were spread across five provinces. The maximum number of job losses happened in Quebec and Ontario. 

20,000 new jobs were created in Public Administration in October. The most job growth happened in the provinces of British Columbia, Quebec, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. Jobs in the Public Administration industry reported an increase of 7.6% with 73,000 new jobs as compared to October 2018. 

There were significant employment gains in Real Estate, Finance, Rental and Leasing and Insurance in October. There were 18,000 new jobs created in these industries in October. There was an increase of 64,000 new jobs in October 2019 as compared to October 2018. 

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