The biggest brands by brand value in 2020

Global Brands in 2020

After being aware of the global market’s situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic one could wonder which companies have kept their brand value and business intact and growing in 2020. Learning the market position of brands in the world will also help you decide which companies to work for if you are skilled and qualified. These companies could open up opportunities for you to work overseas and settle in a foreign country.

Before learning about the most valuable brands in the world of 2020, you need to know the method of assessing brand value. The brand value of a company is a combination of the role of the brand, its financial forecast, and its brand strength. This is not very different from how you assess countries before you choose migration overseas.

So, let’s see which brands are on top in terms of brand value as of 2020.

Brand Net value
Apple $323 Billion
Amazon $201 Billion
Microsoft $166 Billion
Google $165 Billion
Samsung $62 Billion
Coca Cola $57 Billion
Toyota $52 Billion
Benz $49 Billion
Mc Donald’s $43 Billion
Disney $41 Billion
Intel $37 Billion
Facebook $35 Billion
IBM $35 Billion
Cisco $34 Billion
Nike $34 Billion
Louis Vuitton $32 Billion
SAP $28 Billion
Instagram $26 Billion

The fastest rise in brand value happened to Microsoft, Amazon, Netflix and Spotify. PayPal had a 48% growth in 2020. YouTube and Tesla are among the brands that had phenomenal growth in 2020.

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