The IT skills that are to be in high-demand in 2021

The IT skills that are to be in high-demand in 2021

2021 is the right year to get your skills back on track to secure a prospective spot anywhere in the world. If IT is your area of work, we have some great recommendations as to the top skills you will need to secure a promising job to work overseas.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is taking over most of what traditionally was a human effort. Now, the mainstream usability of AI is increasing and is giving professionals in this area a lot of opportunities. The solutions for implementing machine learning models, chatbots, and robotic process automation are already being used in various industries. Industries are going to increasingly look for those who are experts in technologies like fuzzy logic and Natural Language Processing.

Augmented/Virtual Reality

As a digital personalized experience is becoming the need of the hour, especially while human contact is impossible due to the pandemic, professionals in augmented/virtual reality are gaining more relevance. Tailored personalized human experiences in the background of increasing digital interactions are giving such IT professionals like designers of AR/VR spatial web, next-gen identity management, and Omnichannel experiences.

Cloud migration & transformation

As digitization has taken up speed and scope, more rapidly in the pandemic time, businesses are increasingly taking to digital solutions. To support today’s work practices like remote working requiring top-notch connectivity with security and capacity, Cloud technology has been adopted as the optimal solution. Specialists in Cloud technology and transitioning of businesses and business processes to Cloud are going to be in very high demand the world over.

Data Engineering& visualization

Data is the life-blood of business. The scope of data in deciding the future of an enterprise has increased manifold these days. Today, businesses are looking for experts in data capture, data analysis, and visualization based on efficient data interpretation systems.


As digitization has increased more than ever before, and most of the work has gone remote, the security of data has become vital. In such a situation, experts in Security Information & Event Management have become in-demand professionals. Experts in areas like the following have gained unprecedented importance and opportunity to make it big in their careers all over the world.

  • Security orchestration
  • Cloud access security
  • Automation and response

They are vital in ensuring protection from unforeseen cyber-attacks.

So, with an IT qualification and experience, it’s time for you to figure the best country to work abroad that is seeking the skills you have.

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