What is the best time to look for Australian Jobs?

Australian Jobs

The global job site Indeed reveals that there are certain times of the year when you should look for Australian Jobs. The job vacancies are usually steady throughout the year. However, there are better opportunities in specific months. It will enhance your chances of finding a new role.

Is Time Everything?

Yes, a research by Indeed.com indicates that timing is indeed important. For instance, the end of the year is a terrible time for recruiting in Australia. Everybody is on their Christmas break. Employers don’t want to recruit new employees just before the holiday begins.

On the contrary, employers start the year with a plan to recruit new resources or replace the ones who left. According to the Times of India, each year there is a dramatic increase in the rate of recruitment in January. The reason behind this is, a lot of people leave jobs at the end of every year. It, in turn, creates excellent opportunities for those entering the Australian job market.

Peak times for jobs could vary

The best time to look for Australian Jobs varies depending on the life cycle of an industry. For example, in construction, large projects get their funding at the end of the year. Hence, HRs usually starts the recruitment process in January.

On the other hand, some companies budget based on the financial year. In that case, July is the best time to look for a job. Contract renewal times usually see lots of movement between organizations. Hence, it’s important to know how companies in your industry budget. The peak time would vary accordingly.

Few tips to get you started

Here are a few tips to help you start your job search in the Australian Job market:

  1. Interact with your network. Word of mouth is always the best way to hear about job openings.
  2. Have your resume ready. That’s the first thing employers will get attracted to
  3. Know your industry. Know your job well. The best time will largely depend on what job you’re applying to

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