BC and Ontario paving easier paths for international nurses to work in Canada

BC and Ontario paving easier paths for international nurses to work in Canada

Highlights: BC and Ontario to loosen up laws for internationally educated nurses!

  • British Columbia reported easing up laws for IENs to accommodate more skilled staff.
  • Financial support is to be provided by the government for nurses returning to practice after taking a long break.
  • Application fees are to be removed for internationally trained nurses in Ontario and BC
  • CAD 4,000 is to be given to each candidate for assessments and travel costs for nurses.

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More IENs to get hired in Ontario

Ontario has relaxed the rules for welcoming IENs to facilitate the insufficiency of trained medical staff.

The Ontario Ministry of Health, the College of Nurses of Ontario, and the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario have administered new rules dated October 2022.

Some of them include the following –

  • Internationally trained nurses can register in a temporary or short-term class and get employed while completing their registration.
  • Non-practicing or retired nurses are offered flexibility to resume their practice, provided they have prior work practice in a given time before they can apply for reinstatement.
  • A temporary independent practice registration class has been created for physicians from other provinces, allowing them to work for 90 days in the province of Ontario.

New measures introduced by IENs from 1 January 2023

  • Health regulatory colleges to maintain a time frame for registration purposes.
  • The healthcare institutions were omitted from making it a compulsion to have Canadian work experience to register while promoting foreign experience as an equal measure.
  • IRPA (Immigration and Refugee Protection Act) approved language tests to be considered to reduce cases of forged proficiency tests for Canadian immigrants.

Why work in Canada as a trained nurse?

  • Medical institutions in Canada require qualified and skilled healthcare employees who can reduce staff shortage.
  • The increasing number of aged citizens in Canada requires the country to have more healthcare personnel to provide nursing services.
  • As more people retire from Canadian workforce, the country is urgently on the lookout for international nurses and medical practitioners.
  • One hundred fifty-one-two hundred positions for healthcare specialists and social assistance professionals became vacant in October 2022.

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