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Posted on April 22 2020

The what and why of Australia’s citizenship ceremonies

By Editor
Updated July 25 2023

Australian citizenship is sought by many around the world for the need for one of the best work, education, and living circumstances. It’s a great idea to emigrate to Australia as it’s a developed nation with great opportunities. The citizenship of Australia is conferred to an individual via a ceremony called the citizenship ceremony.

In a citizenship ceremony, you are required to make the Australian citizenship pledge. This is supposed to be the final step in the process of becoming an Australian. The ceremony is normally held within 6 months of issuing your approval.

This final part of Australian immigration requirements brings your total immigration process to a culmination. You will be invited to be part of the ceremony, about 4 weeks in advance. You will get a letter of invitation to this effect. It will show the date, time and place of the ceremony which is fixed and not open to your choices. The ceremony usually gets arranged by the local councils. The ceremony may be at an Australian embassy or consulate.

Candidates who were aged 16 or above while applying for citizenship and have no incapacity that’s permanent and enduring must attend the ceremony. It’s imperative to do so as it makes you an Australian citizen. In fact, if you give the ceremony a miss within 12 months of getting an approval, the authorities can review and cancel the citizenship approval. Of course, reconsideration may be done if you have an acceptable reason for your absence.

Currently, this standard procedure is facing a challenge due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the restrictive measures taken against it. Face to face citizenship ceremony isn’t possible. Hence, these ceremonies are now kept on hold. Considering the COVID-19 situation, the existing possibility of cancellation of approval of unattended ceremonies within 12 months has been waived.

The ceremony is nevertheless planned to be conducted online. This will be done via a secure video link. The integrity measures and identity requirements expected of the event will be included in the online version too.

If you are waiting for your ceremony, the Australian Department will contact you and give you all the necessary details and instructions. You don’t have to contact them. In-person interviews will understandably be resumed once the pandemic crisis ends.

The Australian government has kept the process of accepting new applications for Australian citizenship open even in this troublesome period. Processing of applications continues in cases where they have been submitted already with the Department.

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