Australia’s best ways to support foreigners during COVID-19

How Australia supported foreigners during COVID-19

Understanding the COVID-19 specific visa processes and border formalities implemented by Australia will give an insight into how the country helped migrants.

The major areas where the Australian government worked with commitment are protecting the health of Australians and supporting jobs and businesses. Great importance has been given to securing the food supply system too.

To these ends, many changes in the temporary visa process are getting implemented while combating the COVID-19 crisis. The major considerations are:

  • Protect the health of native Australians
  • Support and assist critical industries
  • Safeguarding the job opportunities for Australians
  • Plan and implement measures for revival post-COVID-19

Temporary visa holders have been urged to return to their home countries if they can’t support themselves in dealing with COVID-19.

If this isn’t possible for now, the temporary visa holders who have worked in Australia will be able to access some of their superannuation in Australia.

When temporary visa holders are not able to return to their home countries, they should maintain a valid visa and apply for a new one before the expiry of the current visa. This will maintain their lawful status in Australia.

If a person is holding a visitor visa Australia with a “No further stay” condition, and he/she has less than 2 months to the expiry of the visa, he/she can request a waiver. The request will be to waive the condition and allow him/her to submit a new visa application.

International students who study in Australia have been served some facilities by the Australian government. These include:

  • International students who are currently working in the aged care sector can work more than 40 hours a fortnight (from 18th March 2020).
  • International students who are currently working in major supermarkets to help in getting stock on the shelves to meet high demand can also work more than 40 hours a fortnight (from 7th March 2020).

Student visa holders working in nursing jobs can undertake work to support the country’s efforts to combat COVID-19.

Approved employers employing foreign students will be advised of the relaxation in working hours granted by the government.

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