Australia to allow international students from July 2020

Australia lets students from July

A piece of very encouraging news has come from Australia. It has plans to allow international students into the country by as early as July 2020. With the 3-step plan in action to return to normal, this move will be actualized in the third stage of the plan.

Giving a stimulus to students all over the world wanting to study in Australia, will, in turn, giving the country’s economy a fillip. In step 3 of the plan, by when most of the restrictions will have been relaxed, there will be enough ground to resume student migration to the country. Step 1 will have resumed local and regional travel and 5 visitors at home and 10 at offices and public spaces will be allowed. With step 2, some interstate travel will resume in the country with visitor limit increased to 20. With step 3 implemented, the gathering size will get increased to 100 and international student travel across the border will also be allowed.

With the move to welcome international students willing to study abroad, Australia will make good the losses incurred by the lack of revenue from them. This will be done with every COVID-19 precautionary measure implemented, like social distancing and testing.

In fact, countries like Canada, who have already started working in this direction motivates Australia.

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