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Australia is the preferred destination for students as well as professionals for most people from Asia and Dubai, in particular.

It has earned a moniker ‘the Land of Plenty’ for the vast natural resources it has. Slowly, it became a land of opportunities as it is now the world’s thirteenth largest economy. It is also one of the very few countries unaffected by any recession in the past 25 years.

Then there are visas for tourists, business people, for visiting relatives or friends who are residing in Australia or for medical treatment.

But to fill up a visa application and to adhere to the requirements needed in an application is a not an easy task. This is where immigration consultants step in. They assist you at each phase of the process since they have expertise in these processes and they know how processes vary for different types of visas. People can also try applying for a visa by themselves, but they run the risk of hurting their chances of obtaining an Australian visa.

It is also the work of the immigration consultants to keep themselves abreast of the latest changes to the application processes and other information that only they can be privy to. Be they relocation services, shipping, finding suitable accommodation and other services, they offer aid and assistance in all these areas.

In addition, it helps, especially in Australia, to choose immigration agent’s who are certified by Migration Agents Registration Authority, aka MARA.  Of course, you have to pay fees in order to avail their services. By paying these fees you are ensuring that your chances of securing a visa are almost hundred percent. The other services offered by the immigration consultants include offering services of chartered accountants and attorneys.

But one has to take into consideration the qualifications and experience th5ey offer. The advice they can offer on financial matters, which are outside the purview of the application process of visa. It also helps if these consultants have an office in Australia and tie-ups with migration agents there.

To get a better idea of an immigration consultant one is narrowing down to, it is initially better to go through their website. If you are satisfied with the services they are offering and the testimonials that they have been given by their former customers by visiting their social media sites, then pay a visit their office and talk to their counselors. This way one would be verifying to the T the services rendered by them.

But if you happen to be in the Emirates and are looking to visit Australia for one of the aforementioned reasons, we suggest that you check out Y-Axis, a premier immigration consultancy, Overseas careers firm in Dubai, to apply for a visa.

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