Australia talent & skill visas – Are you using the chance?

Australia talent & Skill visas

Businessmen of the world are finding Australia a good destination for business operations. They are taking keen interest in Australia for business investment lately. It’s proof for Australia’s business-friendliness. Investor-friendly options in Australian visas are attracting these wise businessmen. They are now expanding their activities to Australia more than before.

For instance, they find the Business Talent Visa (Subclass 132) a good opportunity. With this visa, a businessman can operate an existing or new business in Australia. The visa offers the chance to work and study in Australia. It lets one enroll in Australia’s public healthcare scheme. The possibility to sponsor relatives, to bring them to Australia is also there. What’s best, if eligible, one can apply for Australian citizenship too!

It’s a permanent visa that lets the applicant stay in Australia for an indefinite time. Even so, it requires a government agency or an Australian state’s recommendation to apply for the visa. Another criterion is that the applicant must have total net assets worth AUD1.5 million or more. The business should also show a total annual turnover of at least AUD3 million.

Australia is keen to encourage businessmen migrating to invest in Australia. Like the Business Talent Visa, the Temporary Skills Shortage Visa (Subclass 482) serves investors right. It allows them to solve the issue of labor shortages in their Australian businesses.

Under this visa, employers can sponsor employees to work in Australia. The employee can work for a maximum of 2 years in Australia for his/her sponsor. The employee may instead work for a maximum of 4 years in Australia. This applies if an International Trade Obligation (ITO) is in effect. The best part of this visa? The visa holder can apply for permanent residence in Australia if proven eligible!

This should motivate potential investors in the UAE to start a business in Australia. More countries are becoming aware of these opportunities. Australia will be increasing the chances of foreign investment too. This will mean a lot to a prudent investor in the UAE for sure!

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