Australia solves student visa problems with cancellations

There’s a challenging situation for students who study abroad in Australia. It has presented itself through many student visa cancellations. The number of cancellations by the federal government has come to around 18,000 in 2018-19.

The highest number of visa cancellations are in the name of Chinese students. Out of the 18,000 cancellations, 4686 visas belonged to Chinese students. The next largest number of cancellations were of Korean students. Their number came to 1503 visas.

China’s topping the number of visa cancellations has been the case in Australia since the 2014-15 period. It’s also interesting to note that Chinese account for most international students in Australia. In the last financial year, 45,309 visas went to the Chinese.

On the top of the list of visas canceled are countries like India with 1157 cancellations, Malaysia with 1107 cancellations, and Brazil with 914 cancellations.

The biggest reason cited for these mass cancellations is the failure of students to follow the rules. Many are at fault for choosing inappropriate courses. Providing wrong and incomplete information is also a culprit for causing the cancellations. The submission of bogus documents is yet another reason.

In the 3 months of the current financial year, 4500 visas have already been canceled. The cancellations currently done have their beginnings in a crackdown by the authorities. The systematic crackdown on the bad education agents and providers exposed unfair practices. This included students with original student visas, seven or eight years old, jumping courses to stay on.

Last year, a total of 17,819 cancellations were done. This included 8913 men aged 18-34 and 6129 women in the same age group.

Even though the cancellations have been happening in large numbers, so has the issuance of student visas. The fact is that the student visa is a vital component of Australia’s economy. It supports Australia’s global competiti­veness. The role it plays in strengthening its commercial and cultural links with other countries is huge.

The Australian government works hard to keep Australia an attractive destination for overseas students. For this, it roots out non-genuine students. Thus, they keep the integrity of the system intact.

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