Australia migration in COVID-19 times, points to be aware of

Australia immigration

Economic recovery is on the mind of the Australian government which is laying the groundwork for the immigration program till the end of 2020. The way Australia immigration will be conducted will largely depend on the rules in place owing to COVID-19 pandemic.

Immigration in Australia during the period 2020-2021 was understandably far less sizeable. The size and composition of the immigration program as determined by Australian Government Budget process.

Australia’s Treasury Department makes an estimation that Australia’s international border will open gradually in the first half of 2021. International travelers will have to follow quarantine measures for sure upon arrival in Australia.

Though it’s expected that the economic conditions will get better with such measures, it will take time to reach the pre-pandemic levels. The number of immigrants will be much lesser due to which Australia’s population will be older and smaller than expected. This concern was shared by deputy leader of the Liberal Party and Australia’s treasurer, Josh Frydenberg.

The following points have to be kept in mind by holders of different categories of visas before arriving in Australia.

Family Stream Visas

  • Australian government will raise the number for family visas to 77,300 from 47,732.
  • There will be compulsory character check and a police check, the details of which will have to be submitted by the sponsor also. The purpose of this new requirement is to reduce the risk of domestic violence.
  • The knowledge of English is necessary for visa applicants and sponsors who are permanent residents in Australia in case of permanent partner visas (Subclass 801). This requirement will be introduced in 2021.

Employee Visa

  • Priority will be given to Skilled, Business Innovation, Global Talent, and Investment visas.
  • The DoHA has announced a new priority list for occupations in Australian immigration which indicates jobs in short supply. These jobs will get priority in immigration programs.
  • The new PMSOL will be a pathway for foreign workers to arrive in Australia and provide specialist services. They will help meet the urgent needs in critical sectors like health, and help achieve economic recovery of Australia.
  • Australia will let small numbers of sponsored skilled workers to come back to the country to fill essential skill gaps in critical sectors.
  • If an Australian company sponsors a visa holder in a job listed in the PMSOL list, that visa holder can apply for an exemption from travel restrictions imposed by Australia. Nevertheless, the visa holder must undergo the 14-day quarantine on arrival. The expense for the quarantine must be met by the visa holder.

International Students

  • Few students will be allowed to return on a pilot basis on projects the Australian government is planning with states and territories.
  • The concessions given for Subcategory 485 visa will ensure that applicants aren’t affected by unexpected situations like border closures, and business restrictions along with COVID-19-related recession.
  • Subcategory 485 allows international students to apply for a graduate visa to a foreign applicant during the grant period.
  • The amendments to Subclass 485 will allow international students the chance to get a visa to return to Australia once travel restrictions are removed.

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DoHA – Department of Home Affairs

PMSOL – Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List

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