US companies legally challenge the new H-1B system

Companies challenging new H-1B rule

Following the new H-1B rule proposed by the US government many US companies, including high-profile ones have challenged the proposal. The new proposal is to replace the lottery system for H-1B visa with a wage-level based system.

Amicus brief has been filed by companies like Twitter, Google, Microsoft, Apple, HP, Amazon, and Facebook to support the legal challenge to block the upcoming changes in the H-1B visa rules.

The main reasons they give for their move are:

  • The new rule could reduce the ability of US companies to hire highly skilled workers willing to work in USA, dramatically.
  • The H-1B visa program gives great benefits to the US economy by enabling high-skilled employees to join US companies and fuel innovation in the industry.
  • With innovation, that a large section of skilled immigrants brings via the H-1B program, the productivity and size of the US economy increase.
  • A bigger economy and increased innovation will result in more job creation and higher wages for US workers.
  • The new wage-based H-1B visa issue system will render a third of petitions for H-1B visas ineligible.
  • The negative results of the new system will reduce the economic benefits of the H-1B program and stunt the US economy’s recovery from the pandemic.
  • The new system will eventually force US companies to largely rely on operations outside the US, which will in time prove detrimental to the US economy.

Even the analysts are in support of the arguments put forward and actions initiated by these companies.

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