Australia to let low-skilled Overseas Immigrants work in the country


Australia is about to issue a new Immigration arrangement. According to it, Overseas Immigrants with low skills can move to the country on a Work Visa. They must possess basic farming or hospitality skills. Speaking fluent English is not a must. They should be willing to take up in-demand jobs.

Overseas Immigrants skilled in 117 different fields will be able to work in Australia. The 5-year Designated Area Migration Agreement or DAMA defines some criteria for skills, income and language. The required level for each of these aspects will be lowered.

The Overseas Immigrants can even apply for Permanent Residency in future. However, they would have to live in the region for at least 3 years. The Government acknowledges the fact that local businesses need a workforce. There is a severe labor shortage in some regions.

However, employers must prove that they couldn’t find suitable local workers. The Government insisted that every territorian would benefit from this new Immigration deal. Overseas Immigrants would give rise to more jobs. As quoted by, this eventually would strengthen the economy.

David Coleman, the Immigration Minister said this new rule would benefit certain locations. The aim is to fill employment gaps in regional areas. In the last few years, Australia has offered Permanent Residency to highly skilled Immigrants. However, some employers complained it is difficult to retain such employees. The Northern Territory employers suffer the most.

Hence, DAMA has come up with this new deal. It would offer semi and low-skilled Overseas Immigrants a chance to acquire Work Visa. The deal is to be signed this week. It would comprise a wide range of jobs. Fluency in the English language would not be a concern for Overseas Immigrants. Also, acquiring the Permanent Residency would be easy for such Immigrants.

The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry wants politicians to realize the benefits of Overseas Immigration. It boosts local businesses. The Chamber also insists that the Immigration program should focus on labor needs. It believes the Government is too occupied with the idea that Immigration has caused overpopulation.

The politicians have the notion that Sydney and Melbourne are congested because of Overseas Immigration. They should instead realize the local business’ need for Overseas Immigrants. Prime Minister Scott Morrison has acknowledged the issue. He has asked all the territories to come up with a final plan. He wants to know which areas are in dire need of Overseas Immigrants. 

There is immense pressure on the Government to reduce Overseas Immigration. Nevertheless, Mr. Morrison has not denied the need for it.

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