Age ceiling raised in the International Experience Canada Program


Australia and Canada have agreed to raise the age ceiling for the IEC program as per their agreement for youth mobility.

The International Experience Canada (IEC) program allows youth to travel and work in Canada. Australian is one of the major participants in the IEC program. Earlier applicants had to be less than 30 years to be eligible for this program. The upper limit for age has now been increased to 35 years for the IEC program. This will allow more Australians to pursue a career or take up casual employment in Canada.

Eligible countries other than Australia have an annual quota of work permits under the IEC program. However, Australia is the only country to have the privilege of receiving an unlimited number of work permits, as per SBS.

The most popular category under the IEC program is the Working Holiday Program. This allows Australian holidaymakers get a 24 month long open Work Permit allowing them to work with any employer anywhere in Canada.

Two other categories under the IEC program which are available to Australians are the Young Professionals and International Co-Op categories.

The Young Professionals category allows young professionals to pursue their careers in Canada. To be eligible under this category the applicant must have a job offer in Canada in any of the occupation in NOC O, A or B category.

The International Co-Op category is for participants who are enrolled at a post-secondary institute and wish to complete an Internship or work placement in Canada. Participants should have a job offer or a contract for internship or work placement in Canada to be eligible for this category.

To be eligible for any of the categories of the IEC program, Australian participants must meet the below eligibility requirements:

  1. Have a valid passport for the duration of stay in Canada
  2. Should be between 18 and 35 years of age
  3. Have access to funds worth CAD $2,500 to cover initial living costs
  4. Take out health insurance to cover the duration of their stay in Canada
  5. Should not be accompanied by dependents

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