A study of why Canada tops the best places to immigrate in 2021

Why is Canada the best place to immigrate in 2021

Does almost everybody you meet and trust with an opinion tell you that Canada is the best destination, if not one of the best places, to immigrate? Well, they are so right that you could trust them.

But there may be different reasons people give you to establish that Canada immigration is the best choice for a great future. It would be best for you to understand some very factual points that will reassure you that a Canada PR is going to be an ambition worth keeping and fulfilling.

These days, when the COVID-19 is the clear and present concern all over the world, it becomes more important to consider the options to immigrate. Canada stands out as a unique country among a host of other quite reputed nations that are sought-after destinations for migration. To start with, Canada is the only country that has been welcoming immigrants at a rate no other country has stepped up to invite. Whether it’s to study, live or work in Canada, you have so many options and a number of ways to utilize those options.

So, let’s now check out the reasons for Canada being the best place to immigrate in 2021 and in the future.

It’s a home away from home

The multicultural nature of Canadian demography is such that no matter where in the world you arrive from, you will not be shattered by a culture shock. It should be a great motivation for you that you will find people from your country who are already enjoying the very hospitable behavior of the Canadians. Cultural tolerance is quite high and you will find the general friendliness of the Canadian population quite inspiring.

The number of job opportunities is staggering!

Canada expects skilled and educated immigrants to move to the country on a Canada PR visa and contribute to the nation’s economic stability and prosperity. So, getting a job in Canada is not a huge gamble but rather a matter of choice based on what skills you possess. The country has the presence of world-renowned companies in many sectors including IT, engineering, hospitality, healthcare, and more.

And the good news is that Canada gives the family members of permanent residents in the country to come and work in the country.

Canada has planned to welcome immigrants in the millions in 2021 and beyond

Canada is thinking big numbers when it comes to its immigration levels plan for the 2021-2023 period. The country is planning to welcome 401,000 new immigrants every year till 2023, which they will in all possibility maintain beyond that year.

With so many immigrants getting the chance to get a Canada permanent resident visa, there’s no excuse to believe that with an upgraded skillset and work experience in your field you won’t get a chance to immigrate to Canada.

In-demand occupations to which foreign workers are required include registered nurses, truck drivers, trade workers, fishermen, and managers. And these are just a few of the many more opportunities available in different fields.

You will get free healthcare

Can you imagine visiting your doctor without even taking your wallet? This is how efficient and amazing Canada’s healthcare system is where essential healthcare is made available to all at no cost at all. The only places you may need to spend money is when it comes to prescription drugs, optometry, mental health treatments, and dental care which aren’t deemed essential.

Education is free

Top-class education is available for free at public elementary schools (grades 1 to 6) and public secondary schools (grades 7-12). Hence, parents can invest money in extra-curricular activities and save for their kids’ post-secondary education.

Canada is the fourth most popular country in the world for the enrolment of international students. Canada also has the world’s top-ranked universities and colleges like the University of British Columbia, University of Toronto, McGill University, Centennial College, and Humber College.

The best part is that after graduation, students can apply for PGWP with which they can live and work in Canada for up to 3 years. Beyond that, they may even apply for another open work permit for another 18 months.

It’s a peaceful and safe country to live in

Canada is counted among the most peaceful and safe countries of the world as per the World Population Review. The safest city in Canada is Quebec City as of 2020. The reason for this could be found in the fact that the immigrants who move to Canada in the thousands do so to escape political instability, internal conflicts in their home country, and high crime rates in their homeland.

There’s so much to enjoy outdoors and in leisure activities

Canada is blessed with natural beauty and the lifestyle in the country values a perfect work-life balance. This means that there are so many avenues to enjoy after a stressful work routine in the country’s magnificent outdoors and natural locations.

Also in Canada, you will get many employee and government benefits that will help workers like you to find more free time that you can utilize to raise children, plan weekends for traveling away into the wilderness away from the city. Moreover, with high salaries, people are generally under no pressure to afford leisure so much that they may consider a second job.

The following are some ways in which Canada helps you attain a better work-life balance:

  • 10 national holidays
  • Paid leave days
  • Parental leave benefits for expecting parents
  • High minimum wage
  • Unemployment insurance fund
  • Opportunities to work remotely
  • 40-hour workweeks
  • Leave for traditional indigenous practices of up to 5 unpaid days
  • Better working conditions

If you are wondering how many locations are there to spend quality time in Canada, the country has 48 national parks and 31,752 pristine lakes to enjoy visiting. Moreover, you can indulge in outdoor activities that include hiking, canoeing, skiing, river rafting, ice hockey, surfing, cycling, and waterfall climbing.

Enjoy full liberty at building relationships

Canada is a country that respects the right and liberty of a person to choose whomever to build a relationship like friends, partners, or married couples. The biggest annual pride festival is conducted in Toronto every year and even the Canadian PM, Justin Trudeau celebrates this grand event. This LGBTQ member’s festive event happens all of June every year.

Moving to Canada is a cheaper affair

In 2020, a family of 4 can move to Canada if they can spend $16,300. Here’s the estimated cost in CAD for such a family to move to the UK, New Zealand, Canada, and Australia without household items depending on location:

  • CAD 6 115 for Canada
  • CAD 16 813 for Australia
  • CAD 14 520 for New Zealand
  • CAD 13 758 for the UK

Now, here are the costs with household items:

  • CAD 15,255 for Canada
  • CAD 22,882 for Australia
  • CAD 21,357 for New Zealand
  • CAD 20,595 for the UK

So, as you can see, it costs you much lesser money to move to Canada. Surely, that adds to the many reasons for you to choose Canada to immigrate.

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PR – Permanent Residency

PGWP – Post Graduate Work Permit

CAD – Canadian Dollars

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