A new update on Australia’s Subclass 491 visa

NSW nomination for subclass 491 visa is now by invitation only

Here’s news about the Subclass 491 (Skilled Work Regional (Provisional)) visa. Nominations issued by NSW for Subclass 491 visas are now possible only by invitation. So, it becomes necessary that candidates first register their interest in a nomination from NSW. Only then will they be considered for selection.

So, what’s a Subclass 491 visa?

It’s a provisional visa that’s meant to be issued to skilled workers who are willing to live as well as work in regional Australia. The nominations given by Australian regions like NSW invite skilled professionals with a Subclass 491 visa to meet the region’s labor market needs.

The visa is a temporary one with 5-year validity. In that duration on this visa, you can live, study, and work in an area designated in regional Australia.

If you possess this visa, you can travel in and out of Australia any number of times you wish to. Also, after a 3-year stay in Australia, you can apply for Australia PR.

The new nomination process for Subclass 491

If you want to apply for a nomination in NSW, these are what you need to do/have:

  • Be sure that you have eligibility for the Subclass 491 visa
  • Confirm that you satisfy the criteria under a nomination stream of NSW
  • Complete an EOI in SkillSelect program
  • Register your interest while using a window for submission
  • Get an invitation to apply
  • Apply to an RDA office. There, your skills are needed under 14 days

You must complete an online form when a submission window is open for you to register your interest in getting a nomination from NSW.

What’s the submission window for 2021-22?

For the 2021-22 financial year, the submission windows are open in the months of January, March, August, and October.

Selection and invitation will be done by candidates to apply to an office of RDA (Regional Development Australia) while a submission window is available and up to 7 days post the closure of a submission window.

Nomination Criteria

There are 3 streams for nomination in this financial year:

  • Stream 1 — Candidate living and working in an NSW Regional area
  • Stream 2 — Candidate has completed his/her study recently in an NSW Regional area
  • Stream 3 — Candidate is skilled in a job needed in an NSW Regional area

Migrants registering their interest under Stream 1 will be given preference.

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