A new EOI candidate pool to be active in Saskatchewan PNP draws

Saskatchewan launches new International Healthcare Worker EOI Pool

Saskatchewan has launched a new EOI to connect foreign healthcare workers to apt job opportunities that come up in the province. The new EOI pool is known as the International Healthcare Worker EOI Pool. This is the latest addition that will be utilized in the Saskatchewan PNP draws.

The new EOI pool is an attempt at creating a web-based pre-application structure for applicants to demonstrate their willingness to work in a healthcare/medical profession of choice in the province of Saskatchewan.

In order to qualify for finding a new line of work offer, you will need to be eligible to apply under SINP’s Employment Offer or Hard-to-fill Skills pilot.

International Skilled Worker: Employment Offer

Here are the eligibility criteria for this stream:

  • Have lawful status under the assumption that you are currently living in Canada
  • Get a minimum CLB score of 4 in all 4 language capabilities (talking, writing, reading, and listening)
  • To have full-time employment that’s permanent, from a business in Saskatchewan that’s enlisted with the SINP
  • Have at least a year of paid work experience in the occupation planned within the most recent 10 years
  • Confirm your eligibility for Saskatchewan licensure under the assumption that you are in an occupation that’s directed in Saskatchewan and permitted by meeting obligatory requirements
  • Score at least 60 out of 110 points on the points assessment grid

Hard-to-Fill Skills Pilot

Here are the criteria for the pilot:

  • Possess a permanent residence, a regular job offer from a business in Saskatchewan that has SINP enrolment
  • Meet the basic requirement for CLB language levels
  • Meet the basic criteria for education and work experience (either a year of professional job experience in an occupation similar to the job offer or 6 months of work experience in such job profile in Saskatchewan)
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