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Posted on October 07 2022

A big news in Canada regional immigration; RNIP extended to February 2024

By Editor
Updated July 25 2023

Highlights of extension granted to RNIP till February 29, 2024

  • An extension to RNIP (Rural & Northern Immigration Pilot) has been granted till February 29, 2024
  • This will improve Canada regional immigration and employment generation in Canada’s regional communities
  • The geographical boundaries applicable to RNIP now encompass the districts of Thunder Bay and Rainy River
  • The businesses in these regions are elated by this decision

The RNIP is a pilot Canada regional immigration program. It brings skilled foreign workers to regional communities in Canada to work in jobs offered by employers there through recommendation. This program has contributed greatly to enabling businesses in regional communities to run and develop and bolster the economy of the region. Now, an extension of the RNIP till February 29, 2024, has brought great joy to the businesses and communities in Thunder Bay and Rainy River.

The achievements of RNIP

The RNIP is overseen by Lexie Penko, a recruiter for community health sciences at the CEDC (Community Economic Development Commission). Since 2019, 184 employers participated in the pilot program, and close to 400 candidates were recommended to the regions under the scope of the program.

In 2022, the program is attempting to reach the target of 250 immigration candidate recommendations. So far, 175 candidates have been recommended by CEDC for Canada regional immigration.

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What does the extension mean?

The extension granted by IRCC will increase the operating areas as well as the RNIP program length. This means that now, more regional coverage by physical area will be possible for RNIP. Also, this economically significant immigration program for regional Canada will be functional further into the future.

To qualify for this pilot program, employers in regional Canada have to apply to use the program via the CEDC. It’s also mandatory for them to agree to provide a work environment that’s welcoming for foreigners and is culturally inclusive.

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Also, those employers must be situated within the immigration pilot catchment of Thunder Bay. Employees recruited will have to be paid a wage that's comparable to the amount people in the Canadian region are already being paid for that particular job.

All these make a highly suitable environment to work in Canada for skilled foreign workers who will find lots of job opportunities in regional communities in Canada. It’s a goldmine yet to be explored better.

Under the RNIP, a candidate can be in Thunder Bay or any other area of Canada or outside Canada. For candidates outside Canada, applying for a work permit is necessary.

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The improvements

Along with the extension, Sean Fraser has also announced a few other improvements that are supportive of regional employers, employees, and community partners in the region. They include:

  • Expansion of the geographic boundaries of participating communities namely: Vernon, Sudbury, North Bay, Thunder Bay, Timmins, West Kootenay, and Moose Jaw
  • Making filling labor market requirements easier in sectors like trades and healthcare, through the expansion of the range of job offers made to candidates possessing certain work experience
  • Permitting communities to participate in the program for a longer time, until August 2024, beyond which the pilot program won’t be functional
  • Helping community partners to give more support to employers and candidates
  • Lowering the requirement of settlement funds amount for participants in the program
  • Strengthening the integrity of the RNIP program

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