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Posted on December 09 2022

1 Million immigrants got US citizenship in FY 2022

By Editor
Updated September 20 2023

Highlights: A million immigrants got US citizenship through naturalization

  • 1 million immigrants received US citizenship in FY 2022
  • The citizen ship was received in the period of 12 months that came to an end on September 30, 2022
  • A total of 1,023,200 immigrants became US citizens taking into account the number of children from US-citizen parents
  • Immigrants who stay as permanent residents in the US for three or 5 years are eligible for the US citizenship
  • The new citizens can cast a vote in federal elections and obtain the US passport

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US provided citizenship to around 1 million immigrants in FY 2022

A million immigrants became US citizens in FY 2022. This is the third-highest number of candidates getting US citizenship in the US history as per a USCIS report. In a period of 12 months that ended on September 30, 2022, an oath of allegiance was sworn by 967,400 adults. The number of citizens increased to 1,023,200 in FY 2022 considering the children born to the US citizen parents.

Eligibility for the US citizenship

Immigrants become eligible for the US citizenship after residing in the country for three or five years as permanent residents. Immigrants who served in military can get US citizenship through a fast-track naturalization process. Applicants have to prove their language proficiency and understanding the US system of government and history.

Benefits of being a US citizen

Immigrants who received the US citizenship can:

  • Cast their votes in the US federal elections
  • Get American passports
  • Sponsor their family members to migrate to US

The top five countries whose citizens got the US citizenship include:

  • Mexico
  • India
  • The Philippines
  • Cuba
  • The Dominican Republic

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