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Posted on October 28 2022

USCIS shortened and simplified citizenship policies for disabled immigrants

By Editor
Updated July 25 2023

Highlights of United States citizenship for disabled immigrants

  • USCIS announces exemption of English and civics testing requirement to apply for US citizenship for disabled immigrants.
  • The disabilities that are considered under this are physical, learning, and mental disabilities.
  • Form N-648 must be applied for the exception of the test and this need to be completed and get certified by a medical professional.
  • Revising the form with a medical professional will help them to get a disability waiver and there is no need for other separate medical documentation.

USCIS announcement of naturalization process for disabled immigrations

The United States has pulled out the multi-layers of barriers to getting citizenship for disabled immigrants. The Naturalization applicants with developmental and physical disabilities or mental disabilities will allow them without giving the test requirement of English and civics. For that, they need to file Form N-648 to request an exemption from the test requirement. The form needs to be completed and must be certified by a medical professional for applying the naturalization. This initiation helps to serve the needy better. Read more… Five new steps taken for immigrants in the process of US immigration USCIS released revised editions of Form I-765 To Facilitate Work in US Five employment-based visas EB-1 to EB-5 to work in the US 

Requirements of English tests in the US

Usually, to become US citizens, immigrants need to give an English test in order to understand how good they are in writing, reading, and understanding English. And also how well they understand the history of the United States and its government. The government has been allowing immigrants with disabilities since 1994 to get waivers for citizenship requirements. The applicants who were unable to get the waiver in the previous administration can now just need to resubmit their form with the current and updated information, instead of applying with entire new paperwork. If the form disabled immigrants get certified with medical professionals, it indicates that they do need any separate medical documentation to apply for the naturalization process. Are you willing to migrate to USA? Talk to Y-Axis, the world’s no.1 overseas immigration consultant Found this article interesting? Read more… Do you know how migrants are sponsored for an H1B visa in the USA?


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