Indonesia visit visa

In order to visit Indonesia, the country offers a Visa on arrival to citizens of 68 countries.  Indonesia has strong diplomatic ties with these countries. Individuals holding this visa are permitted to stay in the country for one month and may extend their stay if they have a valid reason.

One of the requirements for this Indonesia tourist visa is that you have a passport that is valid for at least six months. You should also have a return ticket for the visa application to be processed.

Indonesia visit visa can be used for various purposes that include:

  • Tourism
  • Family visits
  • Social and cultural exchange
  • Educational visit (attending a conference/seminar)
  • Government visit
  • Attend meetings held by offices of parent organization in Indonesia
  • Short-term stay before a forward journey
Application process


It can take anywhere between 3 and 5 working days in order to process the visa. Individuals should make their applications in advance to avoid delays in their travel plans.

Validity of the visa

This visa has a 90-day validity period. A maximum of 60 days can be spent in the country. The visa can be extended if certain immigration requirements are met.

Individuals can only visit the country while their visa is valid. They will have to apply for a new visa if they are unable to travel within the time frame.

To apply for a visit visa in Indonesia, you must first register with the Indonesian Immigration Department by providing basic information and paying the necessary fees. Once the verification is completed, a visa is issued.


Processing time

The visa can take anywhere from 3 to 5 working days to be processed. Individuals should submit their applications ahead of time to avoid travel delays.

What is the 30-day free Indonesia visa valid for?

A foreign national can make use of the 30-day free Indonesia visa for travelling to Indonesia for the purpose of –

  • Leisure and tourism
  • Social
  • Family
  • Government visits
  • Art and cultural
  • Attending a seminar or giving a lecture
  • In transit while on an onwards journey to another country
  • Attending a meeting that is held by the Head Office or a Representative Office in Indonesia
Is the 30-day free Indonesia visa extendable?

No. The free 30-day Indonesian visa cannot be extended.

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