Czech Republic Tourist Visa

A tourist visa is required for entry into the Czech Republic. You may apply for a Schengen visa to enter the country since it is a member of the Schengen region agreement. This visa has a 90-day validity period.

Since the Czech Republic is a member of the Schengen Region, this visa allows you to fly to and stay in the country as well as the other 26 Schengen countries.

Eligibility requirements

You must be a citizen of the country from which you are applying. If you have a residency permit in a foreign country, you can apply for it at the embassy there.

A passport that is valid for at least 6 months from the date of travel is required.

Your visit must be solely for the purpose of seeing family or friends.

You must have enough funds to cover your stay in the country.

You must have a travel insurance policy.

You must have been invited by relatives or friends and have a letter of invitation.

You can apply for a visa provided you meet the following criteria:

If Czechia is your only travel destination or is one of the many Schengen destinations

Documents required for Czech Republic tourist visa
  • Original passport with at least three months validity
  • Passport should have at least one blank page
  • Completed application form
  • 2 recent passport-size photos
  • Confirmed onward and return ticket
  • Itinerary during your period of stay in the country
  • Proof of having finances to support your travel and stay in the country
  • Bank statement of past six months
  • Proof of income tax returns
  • Proof of having a valid medical insurance
Application process for Czech Republic visit visa

To apply for the tourist visa, you need to fill an online application form. You must submit the required visa and travel documents.

Make an appointment at one of the VACs by clicking here (Visa Application Center),

You can contact them online, by phone, or by email.

Attend the visa interview with the completed application form and supporting documentation. In addition, you must pay the fees and apply the biometrics at the same time.

What is the processing time for the Czech Republic visit visa?

The processing time for a short-term (Schengen) visa is up to 15 calendar days. Do keep in mind that, in individual cases, the processing time can be extended to 30 or even 60 calendar days.

The Embassy is committed to issuing visas as soon as possible, provided they have complete and satisfactory information about the applicant.

The processing period can be extended to 30 days because of the number of applications received by the embassy/consulate or the uniqueness of your situation.

It can take up to 45 days for exceptional applications to be processed by the embassy/consulate.

Do you need a medical test for the tourist visa?

There is no need for a medical exam and this is only for a period of less than 6 months. Longer permit categories, on the other hand, would necessitate a mandatory examination. Even so, for your own protection, it is recommended that you get a medical checkup before travelling to another country.

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