Bangladesh Tourist Visa

Bangladesh visit visa

You will need a Bangladesh tourist visa to visit Bangladesh. The visa is valid for one month.

Documents required for Bangladesh visit visa
  • A valid passport
  • Passport size photos
  • A copy of your completed and signed visa application form
  • Identity proof
  • Details about your itinerary
  • Proof of hotel bookings, flight bookings
  • Copy of tour ticket
  • An invitation letter if applicable
  • Statement from your bank of the last six months to prove you have enough finances to fund your visit

You can apply for this visa online.

What is the maximum duration of stay allowed on Bangladesh tourist visa?

With a Bangladesh tourist visa, you can stay in the country for a maximum of 60 days for the purposes of recreation or leisure.

Is it possible to obtain a multiple-entry Bangladesh tourist visa?

No, Bangladeshi tourist visas are only provided for single or double entrance. Multiple entry is only available on business visas.

What is Bangladesh's visa policy regarding tourist visa?

The Bangladesh Tourist Visa is a single-entry or multiple-entry visa that allows the holder to stay in Bangladesh for a maximum of 60 days per visit. Bangladesh visas typically allow for a maximum stay of 30 days and are available in single entry or multiple entry formats.

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