Ireland Business Permit

If you want to set up a business and visit Ireland for the same purpose, you would need a business visa. This visa facilitates a businessperson to visit Ireland for business activities, such as employment and/or partnership or corporate meetings.

Types of visa

To visit Ireland for business purposes, you will need a short-stay visa. It is also known as the Ireland C visa. When applying for this type of visa, the traveler should ask for permission from Border Control to stay for business purposes in Ireland.

You have the option of either single entry or multiple entries when applying for the Ireland C visa.

In the visa for single-entry, you are allowed to enter the country just once and will not be able to re-enter if you leave the country in the 90-day period.

With the visa of multiple-entry, you can leave and enter the country multiple times until there is the visa’s validity. It is issued for certain purposes like frequent travels to the country to attend meetings, and the like.


These are the criteria you need to fulfill to be eligible for the business visa for Ireland:

  • Valid and convincing reason to visit Ireland
  • Enough funds to finance your stay and any dependents you bring along
  • Strong ties to your native country, which permits you to return after your stay.
  • You should have a credible reputation with no criminal records. A PCC or Police Clearance Certificate might be needed.
  • A formal invitation is required from a reputed company in Ireland with which you are planning to do business.

These are the documents you would require for the application of business visa for Ireland:

  • Valid passport
  • Complete the application form for the visa
  • Proof of sufficient funds to pay for the stay in Ireland and the return trip
  • Cover letter from your company back in your country
  • An invitation letter from the company you intend to visit with a detailed address and scheduled date of your visit
  • Certification from your employer permitting you for your business-related travel
  • The company should declare its intent to cover your expenses in the LOI or letter of invitation
  • Accommodation proof
  • Proof of you returning to your country after the visit. You will have to provide evidence of your personal commitments and employment in your country for this proof.

You should apply for the visa three months before your scheduled travel dates.

More time is required to arrange documents to support your visa application, like hotel reservations and an invitation letter from the Irish host firm.


It takes approximately eight weeks for the business visa for Ireland to be processed.

  • Evaluate the documents needed for your visa application
  • Counsel you on the funds that need to be displayed to the visa officials
  • Complete the process of application
Which visa will I need to go to Ireland for business purposes?

You need a short stay ‘C’ business visa to travel to Ireland for business purposes. The visa holder can visit Ireland for a maximum of 90 days to attend meetings and sign or negotiate agreements or contracts.

When can I apply for a business visa for Ireland?

You can apply for the business visa 3 months prior to your scheduled date of traveling to Ireland.

What is the basic step-wise process for applying for a business visa for Ireland?

STEP 1: Create an online visa application.

STEP 2: Pay the required visa fees.

STEP 3: Send the required documents and passport for processing.

Do I have to provide my biometrics for a business visa for Ireland?

For specific cases, you may have to submit biometric data.

Which permit will I need to go to Ireland for business purposes?

With a short stay ‘C’ business permit, you can travel to Ireland for up to 90 days for attending meetings, negotiating or signing contracts/agreements etc.

When can I apply for business permit for Ireland?

You can apply 3 months before your intended date of travelling to Ireland.

What's the basic step-wise process for applying for business permit for Ireland?

STEP 1: Lodge application for permit, online.

STEP 2: Pay the applicable fees for the permit.

STEP 3: Send in passport and records of information for processing.

Do I have to provide my biometrics for business permit for Ireland?

In certain cases, biometrics may have to be provided.

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