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Establish your business & settle in Canada

The NSNP or Nova Scotia Nominee Program is meant for Entrepreneurs. It is your way to Canada if you are looking to settle in the province as an investor.

The program was brought into effect to attract HNIs (High Net Worth Individuals), businesspeople, entrepreneurs, and senior business executives to Canada. The NSNP is a by-invitation program that facilitates Canada PR or permanent residency after one year of operating the business in Nova Scotia.

Y-Axis assists you in evaluating your options and formulating a package for application to the NSNP. It has more chances of success.

Nova Scotia Nominee Program details

The NSNP allows you to work, live, and settle in this province of Canada. You need to invest and set up your business in Nova Scotia. The details of the program are:

  • Applicants need to submit an Expression of Interest online for the program
  • If your EOI is selected, you will have to submit your application to NSNP
  • The applicants will have to attend an interview in-person
  • If the application is approved, you need to set up your business in the province and manage it actively
  • You are eligible for Permanent Residency in Canada after a year of setting up and operating your business
  • You should create your PR application for Canada to apply

Eligibility for NSNP

The NSNP targets business people with a credible record and capability to establish and operate a business in the Canadian province. The minimum requirements for eligibility in this program are:

  • The applicant should be above 21 years
  • They should have a minimum net worth of 600,000 CAD
  • They should invest a minimum of 150,000 CAD of personal assets in setting up a business
  • They should have more than three years of experience in the management and ownership of a business
  • People with more than five years of professional experience in a senior management role can also be considered
  • Proficiency in English or French

Express Entry system and Nova Scotia Immigration Program


The NSNP selects the candidates for its pool through the Express Entry system. Candidates who have an existing profile in the Express Entry pathway qualify for this program. The PNP of Nova Scotia offers two categories:

Category A – It requires the candidates to have an employment offer from the province.

Category B – The candidates must have professional experience in either of the in-demand occupations listed in the province.


Eligibility requirements

These are the criteria they need to fulfill:

  • The candidate needs to register their profile in the Express Entry system facilitated by the IRCC or Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada.
  • The applicant needs to be employed in any target occupations listed in the Nova Scotia Demand: Express Entry guide.
  • They must score above 67 points.
  • They should have an employment offer from an employer-based in Nova Scotia for full-time work with at least one-year validity after their PR visa has been issued.
  • They should have one year of experience in a skilled work-related job.
  • They should have completed education equivalent to Canadian high school credentials.
  • They need to prove their proficiency, set by the Canadian Language Benchmark, in English or French.
  • They should have sufficient funds to settle in the province.

How can Y-Axis help?

Y-Axis has one of the best immigration teams for Canada in the world. All your application needs will be met with the documentation standards, and you have the highest chance of success.

Our teams will assist you in evaluating your chances and guide you at every step of your NSNP application.

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