Work in Canada trends: Jobs that picked up during COVID-19 in Saskatchewan

Work in Canada trends: Jobs that picked up during COVID-19 in Saskatchewan

A study was conducted lately by the Canadian government. It determined the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on the labor market in Canadian provinces. An interesting observation made was that some occupations registered increased demand in Saskatchewan owing to the COVID-19 pandemic. These occupations showed an increase in demand for skilled foreign workers to work in Canada.

Many industries were adversely affected by the shutdowns due to the COVID-19. Among those, 9 jobs saw an increase in vacancies and an influx of people to work in Canada in Saskatchewan. Here are those jobs along with their NOC codes:

NOC 6232 – Sales Professionals

Professionals in the sale of properties including apartments, houses, and commercial buildings, and real estate have been in high demand during the COVID-19. These professionals have access to applications like virtual viewing. It gave these professionals flexibility in work and increased sales of properties to potential buyers.

NOC 2173 – Software Engineers

Software engineers are vital to the digital infrastructure that businesses and organizations have transitioned to in a large way. These professionals have been in high demand during the COVID-19 to carry on tasks such as design, evaluation, integration, and maintenance of software applications. Their services were instrumental in creating technical environments and their elements in a given organization or enterprise.

NOC 7511 – Transport Professionals

As understandable is the role of transport services to carry goods across international and provincial routes, it came as no surprise that transport professionals stood in high demand despite the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, their services were essential during the pandemic situation for industries like construction and wholesale/retail trade.

NOC 9241 – Power Engineers

Another group of significant service providers, power engineers registered a 208% increase in vacations in April 2020 in comparison to April 2019. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for these professionals never dipped.

Power engineers are responsible for operating turbines, reactors, boilers, engines, generators, and other equipment that are considered essential.

NOC 6622 – Order Fillers

Employment in the order fillers occupation went up by 123% in April 2020 in comparison with April 2019. Owing to a shift of spending habits of consumers during the COVID-19 pandemic, many grocery chains employed additional order fillers.

NOC 2171 – Information Systems Analysts

The rise in employment for information systems analysts registered in April 2020 was 38% when compared to April 2019.

The increase in usage of technology during the COVID-19 pandemic due to more people opting to work/study from home increased the demand for these professionals.

NOC 3012 – Nurses

If there was any sector that had a significance that surpassed most others during the COVID-19, it was healthcare. Employment of nursing professionals went up by 33% in April 2020 as compared to April 2019.

These nurses provided care to patients, delivered health awareness and education programs, and gave consultation services.

NOC 2282 – Computer Support

Computer support professionals are as significant as other technical professionals like software developers. In fact, these support professionals work hand in hand with other technical professionals by providing hardware and software assistance.

Compared to April 2019, the employment of these professionals increased 38% in April 2020.

NOC 2171 – IT Consultants

IT consultants analyze and test system requirements. They are also tasked with plan development and implementation, setting plans and procedures, and advising on matters of issues with information systems.

The employment of these professionals also increased in April 2020 by 38% in comparison with April 2019.

As difficult has been the times of COVID-19, Canada has been equally resilient and demonstrating its progress in several sectors of the industry in its provinces. If you are a skilled professional, you can rest assured that migration to work in Canada will be a great leap for your career.

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