Work in Canada: The rise of remote jobs and the opportunities it offers

Work in Canada: The rise of remote jobs and the opportunities it offers

A trending model of work that has caught on in Canada during the COVID-19 pandemic is working in remote jobs. This new model of work in Canada is proving beneficial to both employees and employers in Canada.

Benefits to employers

With remote work possible for job roles in the organization, employers can reduce the office space otherwise necessary to accommodate operations. Also, they can expand their recruitment to a wider pool of eligible candidates and ensure that highly qualified workers are recruited from abroad.

Benefits to employees

Professionals with the right attitude to work online without slack can only benefit from the possibility to work in Canada from home. The opportunity to grab high-paying jobs and the flexibility with space they will enjoy make many foreign talents migrate for this opportunity.

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Skilled jobs that are open for remote work in Canada

NOC 2173 – Software Engineer

Software engineers are the force behind software applications, engaged in the research, design, evaluation, integration, and maintenance of such applications. They also do a fortune’s worth of a job in maintaining operating systems, technical environments, telecommunication software, and information warehouses.

If you are one for this role, you could be employed by IT companies or research & development firms fetching you a paycheck as good as $125,000. You could be self-employed too!

NOC 1111 – Accountant

It’s needless to say that companies need updated financial records at their fingertips and insight into what they mean, leading to expert financial advice that’s vital.

That’s what expert accountants do and even with the remote working capability, they can be quite accessible and reliable to make critical decisions and maintaining their overall financial position well monitored. Accountants are paid an annual salary of up to $118,000 in the Canadian province of Ontario.

NOC 5241 – Graphic Designer

It’s a creative job that makes a brand and adds value to marketing communication. Graphic designers are responsible to conceptualize and create graphic art to produce visual materials that effectively and impactfully communicate information on a variety of media.

If you are a graphic designer in Canada, you could make up to $79,700 per annum.

NOC 4216 – Tutor

There’s a demand for teachers in a range of subjects, from language to the sciences. With COVID-19 making online learning even more trendy, you could land a job as a teacher, delivering classes with the use of teaching software and chatting applications.

Teachers are paid up to $67,000 per annum in the Canadian province of British Columbia.

NOC 1221 – Project Manager

Project managers are tasked with organizing work teams, overseeing and implementing procedures in administration, setting priorities for work, and analyze operations. This heavy-duty task is, thanks to online communication, tracking, and administrative applications, manageable without hassles for these managers.

Non-technical project managers earn up to 87,200 per annum in Alberta, Canada.

NOC 3012 – Registered Nurse

Now, you may wonder how nurses can be part of the remote working culture. The reason is the arrival of technologies like telecare nursing services are letting nurses work remotely from home.

Nurses earn up to $98,650 per annum in Canada.

NOC 5121 – Freelance Writer

If there’s one job that can be very flexibly done online, that’s writing. The variety of content a writer can manage entirely depends on his/her own capability. This highly lucrative job can fetch disciplined professionals up to $97,500 in the Canadian province of Alberta.

NOC 5125 – Freelance Translator

Like writers, translators are in high demand too, especially in Canada as it’s a bilingual country. The scope of translation extends from private organizations to government services. A translator can earn up to $93,000 per annum in Ontario, Canada.

NOC 6521 – Travel Agent

Travel agents too can land a job in Canada working remotely. They are responsible for all travel arrangements, travel plans, travel schedules, and expert travel advice of their clients. These clients may be traveling for leisure or business.

Travel agents in Canada can make up to $65,000 per annum.

The possibility of remote working is opening lots of opportunities for skilled workers in Canada. It’s time you made your move. Consult with an expert Canada visa consultant like Y-Axis, the World’s No.1 immigration & visa company. Click here to connect with us.

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