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It’s known to the world that Canada is a hub of opportunities for professionals in various sectors of occupation. When job seekers look for the most promising place to go to work in Canada in the IT sector, they have quite a few options. It’s worthwhile to check out such opportunities in major Canadian cities like Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa, Montreal, and the Waterloo region.

The following observations are based on the reports provided by CBRE Research. It’s the research division of the biggest commercial realtor on the globe.

CBRE Research found that the locations discussed here have the strongest combination of attributes the tech sector needs to develop. These include, most importantly, a high concentration of employment for IT professionals.

The CBRE Research team had published a report in 2020 that ranked Canadian cities based on their appeal to tech workers and employers and their competitive advantages. CBRE used 13 metrics for their research then. They were used to gauge the attractiveness, vitality, and depth each place offered to tech workers and potential employees. The parameters included the quality of labor, gross operating costs, and talent.

As of today, Toronto, the Central Canadian city, retains the top ranking among the best cities in Canada for IT professionals as per the latest report. Halifax in Nova Scotia climbed the rankings last year. Its score rose by 8 points which pushed it 3 positions to reach the 8th spot.

So, as you are eager to know, let’s check out the best cities in Canada that rank among the top 10 for those who want to work in Canada as IT professionals.


Toronto performs exceptionally well when it comes to drawing in tech talent. This city has singlehandedly generated about 25% of all the new tech jobs in the past 5 years in Canada. It’s in that period that the metropolis widened its talent base in technology by 36.5%.

In the period from 2014 to 2019, Toronto added 66,900 tech jobs in Canada. It’s an impressive number while considering that the number doesn’t count the administrative and managerial staff who support the tech employees.

This makes Toronto the number one destination for those skilled professionals in IT wanting to work in Canada in a tech job.


Ottawa is Canada’s national capital. Ottawa is among the cities with the highest concentration of tech labor. That way, it’s on top in rankings, being the most tech-friendly city with a business environment that proves the point.

The Kanata tech park is situated in Ottawa. The city has an 11.3% tech worker concentration. That’s double the national average that stands at 5.6%. It’s even at the highest level amongst the cities in North America.

Universities in Ottawa also produce the 5th highest number of tech graduates in Canada. That indeed makes the city an IT recruiter’s dream location.


The tech-friendly Vancouver is located in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. The city has registered some of the best records of growth in Canada’s IT sector in the 5 years till 2019. There has been a growth in tech talent in Vancouver by 47.9%. In that 5-year period, the number of tech workers reached 84,900. It increased the tech job concentration to 7% in comparison to the remaining labor force.

The West Coast city scores among the top for the quality of the workforce in the tech industry. This city attracts the best of the best tech companies.

The Waterloo region

The Waterloo region is rich with tech talent. The market here is medium-sized. This region of Ontario is ready to witness benefits gained disproportionately from firms that choose to erect their office campuses there. These can often be sized larger than the spaces these companies may afford to occupy in places like Toronto.

So, if you are planning to work in Canada as an IT professional, you are welcome to these top locations there.

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