UAE nationals can travel with visa waiver or visas on arrival to

Visit Georgia from Dubai

UAE nationals get a visa waiver or a visa on arrival when they travel to Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and most Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries.

What’s On says that though the UAE does not have any embassy of Georgia, it was told by several airline carriers and travel operators that residents of the UAE can enter this European country and stay without needing to carry a visa for up to three months.

It quotes the Georgian website as saying that UAE residency permit and visa holders do not need a visa to enter Georgia for staying there for up to three months in a six-month period. It also adds that they need to show appropriate residency permits or visas along with their passports when they enter Georgian border.

Holders of a UAE residence visa can travel Azerbaijan with a UAE national and get a visa on arrival.

Resident visa holders of the UAE can travel to Armenia and get a visa arrival for a short stay by paying AED20.

Most GCC countries, excepting Saudi Arabia, allow UAE nationals to enter their country sans visas.

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The other countries that Emiratis can enter Visa-Free include Hong Kong, Indonesia, the Maldives, Mauritius, Seychelles, Sri Lanka and most countries of South America.

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