Amer centres replace typing centres for visa processing in Dubai


It was earlier announced by GDRFA (General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs) that 50 Amer centres, a one-stop shop that will allow Dubai residents to finish all transactions related to visa and residency under the same roof, will replace 600 typing centres from 1 November.
Meanwhile, some of the typing centres in Dubai have ceased to process visas. In fact, on 1 November, many of Dubai’s typing centres said that system being used for typing residence visa applications had been disabled. It was said that typing centres will be hereafter unable to process visa applications.
Asif Mahmoud, the manager of Al Arsa Typing Center, was quoted by Khaleej Times as telling it that as of 1 November, typing centres were notified that their application process system of visa would be disabled. He added that people henceforth could only get their family visa processing done at Amer centres.
But Asif Khan, manager of The One Documents Services, said their system was still functional and added that many of their neighbouring typing centres had reported that their system was no longer functioning. Khan said that this decision would not affect operations of large printing centres designed as per GDRFA requirements.
Amer Centres, which were launched with an objective of simplifying transactions and improving efficiency, will also provide services such as issuing or renewing residency visa, issuing entry permits, visa cancellation and other related services that government institutions and departments provide. It is said that Amer centres will cut down the applicants processing time and efforts as they would no longer be required to go to GDRFA offices if they want to apply for or cancel their residency visas.
Currently, there are two Amer centres through which residents of this emirate can complete their visa and residency transactions. One is in Al Muhaisnah 4 area and the other was inaugurated in October at Al Kifaf Municipality centre.
More centres of this kind will be located in different areas of Dubai to provide many services for centres under one roof with no necessity for paying extra transaction fees or submitting more documents, which are required for transactions of residence and visa.
Major Salem Mohammad Ali, director of Client Happiness Centre, had d earlier said that at least 5,000-6,000 transactions would be handled daily by an Amer centre.
Ali added that if all required documents are provided, a transaction could be completed as quickly as in less than half a day or a maximum of two days if a courier is required.
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