US opens new VACs to get biometrics for Canada immigration

New VACs in the US for Canada immigration

Two new VACs are now opened in the US for US residents to submit their biometrics for Canada immigration. These are situated in San Francisco, California, Washington, and Seattle. These centers were started on November 23, 2020.

The new VACs will offer only biometric collection services. Biometrics collection along with other services are available at VACs in Los Angeles and New York. Biometric information can also be submitted in any of the 131 ASCs in the US if the applicants have their Biometrics Introduction Letter.

The VACs at San Francisco and Seattle will be open for a year. Applicants for immigration to Canada can submit their biometrics to support their fresh applications or those already submitted. This is a necessary step to process Canada immigration visa.

New VACs in the US for Canada immigration

Also, for now, those in Canada applying for temporary residence are exempted from submission of biometric information, owing to the COVID-19 pandemic. This is applicable to those extending their stay in Canada as:

  • Worker
  • Student
  • Visitor
  • Those applying to restore their visa status
  • Those applying for their Canadian visa or permit

New VACs in the US for Canada immigration

In case biometric information was submitted as part of an application for a visa or permit in Canada within those 10 years, the same needn’t be given again for a new application.

Canada PR applicants needn’t give their biometric information again in case they have already done so within the past 10 years.

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VAC – Visa Application Center

ASC – Application Service Center

PR – Permanent Residence

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