US Green Card: Tech companies dominate the application list

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There are just two Indian companies featuring in the list of US Employer Green Card applications- TCS and Infosys. 

Tech giants like Facebook, Google, Cognizant, Cisco and Amazon have filed more Green Card applications than other tech companies. This has been revealed by recent data from the US Dept. of Labour. The Dept. of Labour of the US follows the calendar year from October to September. 

The highest number of Green Card applications has been filed by Amazon amongst all other tech companies. The tech giant has filed 1,500 Employer Green Card applications. 

Following Amazon is Cognizant which has filed 1,300 applications. Headquartered in the US, Cognizant has one of the largest employee bases in India. 

Cisco stands on the 3rd spot with 1,058 Green Card applications. On the 4th spot is TCS with 1,009 Green Card applications. 

Infosys has filed 519 Green Card applications placing it on the 7th spot. 

Here are the number of Green Card applications by tech firms: 

Name of the Company  No. of Green Card applications 
Amazon  1,590 
Cognizant  1,324 
Cisco  1,058 
TCS  1,009 
Google  874 
Facebook  562 
Infosys  519 
Microsoft  433 
Apple  400 
Deloitte  387 


How many of the above Green Card applications convert into Permanent Residence is yet to be seen. 

The US is facing a shortage of skilled professionals, as per NASSCOM. The companies in the US, hence, are hiring from where they can find the maximum-India. 

The H1B Visa is valid for a period of 3 years. It can be further extended for another 3 years. People who have been approved for a US Green Card can get the H1B Visa extended even further. That is why most people apply for a US Green Card when the validity of their H1B Visas are nearing expiry. 

Expenses for the H1B Visa have to be borne by the company in the US. However, that is not the case with Green Card applications, as per The Economic Times.  

US companies often file an I-40 or the Immigrant Petition for Alien Workers to retain highly valued or high-skilled employees. 

At present, the wait time for a Green Card for Indians can exceed 8 years. The newly introduced Fairness for High Skilled Immigrants Act will benefit more than 300,000 Indians living in the US. 

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