The US adds more to suspension of work visa

Changes in H-1B Visa

The US has plans to make further changes in the H-1B visa program. Authorizing the permission for spouses of H-1B holders to work will also be restricted.

The DHS (Department of Homeland Security) has put forward proposals to revise how specialty occupation is defined. The aim is to give more focus on getting the best and the brightest foreign nationals through the H-1B program.

DHS will also do a revision of the definition of employment as well as the relationship between employer and employee. This will lead to protecting US workers and their wages.

There are also proposals to bring additional requirements so that employers pay wages appropriate to H-1B visa holders. This proposal is part of the Unified Agenda as well. The Unified Agenda has a regulatory role and is a biannual one. It provides a roadmap for federal rulemaking across agencies.

The proposal will come up for discussion by the end of the year. The discussion about scrapping the right to employment of spouses of H-1B workers will be done in September.

The Unified Agenda will also change existing regulations as well as revise the options for practical training for non-immigrant students holding M and F visas under US immigration. However, no elaboration has been made on the nature of changes intended to be made.

As of now, all international students can work in the US for 12 months after completing graduation. Students of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) will get extra 24-month permission. Even this has a deadline that expires at the end of this year.

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