UAE’s retirement visa adds life to the later years

UAE Retirement visa

Have you heard about a visa for retirement? It’s real and the UAE is bringing it for you. The UAE is offering Dubai retirement visas for those who want to have a great time during their retirement in the country that has so much scope for quality indulgence. It’s like a renewable visitor visa that gives you the opportunity to enjoy the experience of the exciting destination that is Dubai.

In fact, the UAE retirement visa is one of a kind and any retiree or resident outside UAE aged over 55 years can apply for it. It’s not the one-month visa that Dubai issues for visits. The validity of the Retirement visa is 5 years and is renewable under certain terms and conditions.

The retiree must have valid medical insurance (international insurance) that covers the UAE. The retiree must also have a monthly income of Dh 20,000 earned from pension or investments to qualify for the visa program. Or else, the retiree must either have a balance of Dh 1 million or have a real estate in Dubai worth Dh 2 million.

What’s even better is that the visa is not only available to the retiree but also to the retiree’s spouse and children!

This is indeed the best opportunity to explore Dubai for many fascinating reasons. Let’s list them for you.

  • You get to experience a unique lifestyle enriched by Dubai’s multicultural environment as well as a safe and sunny climate. Dubai brings to its residents all the goodies of a classy lifestyle with every aspect of comfort and convenience made easily accessible.
  • Talk about having a great time, Dubai is the perfect destination if you are planning to enjoy life with a dash of recreation that’s hardly found anywhere else. The options include spas, beaches, museums, art galleries, and pubs. After all, why not reward yourself well after a lifetime of grind?
  • Indulge in a variety of recreational and rejuvenating activities to make you feel young again! Spend time at the sandy beaches, soak in the charm of beautiful gardens, go on mountain adventures, and do a lot more.
  • Never lose the connection with your happening life as Dubai has one of the world’s best physical and technological infrastructure. They help you move around and yet stay connected. Let the world find you hale and hearty in the lap of Dubai.

When you apply for this visa, you must produce the respective documents of proof according to the route you are taking for eligibility. So, if you are applying on the basis of cash savings you have, submit the bank statements that support your claim. If you are applying as the owner of a property as stipulated, a copy of the property’s title deed will be necessary.

You can apply for the Retirement visa by sending an email to Attach the following documents:

  • Copy of the applicant’s passport and that of spouse and children if they are also involved
  • Copy of marriage certificate if you are sponsoring your spouse
  • Copy of current visa in case you are already a UAE resident
  • Copy of Emirates IDs if you are a UAE resident
  • Copy of valid health insurance that covers UAE, along with copies of policies for spouse and children if they are involved
  • Current home address
  • Your email address and mobile number on which you can be contacted

The processing of the application will be done by the DNRD. You will receive a confirmation on the status of your application within 3 working days, as per Visit Dubai.

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