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The UAE Cabinet’s decision to introduce changes in visa rules brings a new lease of life to the expatriated job seekers, illegal residents, blue-collared workers, widows and divorced women.

The move will enable overstaying expats to legalize their status and carve a niche for them in the services sector.

The diplomatic missions and organizations will be extricated from paying heavy penalties on behalf of residents with the expired visas. It will also benefit blue-collared workers and boost tourism from India.

The decision brings huge changes in the visa regime that would expunge the problems of acquiring transit visa. Moreover, it will encourage a lot of people to visit UAE and spend time.

Chargé d’ affairs at the Philippine Embassy,Rowena PangilinanDaquipil, stated that passing this information to the Filipino community would help them to plan for the job options.

The Filipino community especially job seekers, could come forward once the details on the new rules from the immigration department are rolled out.

The Pakistan consulate in Dubai said that blue-collared workers, illegal residents, and the divorcees would relieve from financial burden in UAE with this move.

These reforms envisage important issues covered by consulate on the daily basis and reduce the burden of the mission by working towards the welfare of labor class.

The Indian Community Welfare Fund (ICWF) that used to pay overstays fines and provides legal advice to the Indians would face fewer burdens on account of new reforms.

The reformswill streamline the visas of overstayed workers and enable them to come back to UAE for work again.

In addition to these, the Philippine embassy said that the new rules commensurate with the memorandum of agreement (MOU) between UAE and the Philippines protecting the workers.

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