UAE to use face recognition technology to issue visas for its citizens

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The United Arab Emirates will unveil an e-government service that uses face recognition technology for granting visa applications of its citizens.

Earlier, the Ministry of the Interior (MoI) launched on 1 August ‘E-channels’, a new smart services system that allows its nationals and residents to apply for residency visas and entry permits in fewer than 10 minutes.

Using face recognition technology to recognise the applicants, the system is capable of reading official documents electronically, handles routine requests in addition to accounting, auditing, protection, quality control and governance, all of which are done electronically according to international standards.

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Brigadier Mansour Ahmad Al Daheri, director-general of residency and naturalisation department of Abu Dhabi, was quoted by Planet Biometrics as saying that the new system does not need people to physically go to different visa centres in the UAE. He added that they can register online and opt for the services they require. The applicants should, however, have an email id and password to be able to log into the system, he added.

The MoI has partnered with Tahaluf Al Emarat Technical Solutions to develop the e-services system, allowing companies, typing centres, and individuals (citizens, residents and nationals of GCC) to use them.

This system allows UAE nationals lets resident apply for new visas, sponsor individuals and allows GCC citizens to apply for sponsoring individuals.

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