UAE makes it to top ten best countries globally to live and work in, says study

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The UAE has been named the tenth best destination to live and work in for expats, according to latest HSBC Expat Explorer survey.

More than 27,000 expats working worldwide, who participated in the survey, rated the Emirates as a better location to live and work in than the US and Hong Kong.

The UAE, which was ranked 12th in the last year’s survey, overtook the Czech Republic and Switzerland in 2017.

Meanwhile, Singapore was voted the best place to live and work in, followed by Norway, with New Zealand, Germany and Netherlands taking the third, fourth and fifth most popular spots, respectively.

In the economics category, the UAE was voted the top country, as it got high scores for disposable income, salary growth, career progression, savings and entrepreneurship.

Gulf News quotes the report as saying that expats working in the Emirates were handsomely rewarded for hard work. The report adds that this Western Asian nation lures people from various backgrounds who want to work and live outside their home country.

The UAE houses more expats at 56 percent than in any other country on this list who stated that they had relocated to this country to earn much more, and as per the survey, most of them have been successful in that goal.

Moreover, HSBC’s data reveals that the UAE expats save more money than most of their counterparts worldwide, as they earn $127,000 per annum, more than the worldwide average of $100,000.

The report also said that income played a crucial role for most deciding to head to the UAE, with more than 50 percent of people who moved to this country increasing their earnings.

There has been a 10 percentage point rise since 2016 in the number of expats who state that potential for earnings potential in UAE is better than in their native countries.

The federation of seven states was also rated highest for finance, healthcare and safety. About 55 percent of the UAE’s expats said their work-life balance was better than in their home countries.

In addition, 66 percent of expat parents said their children’s quality of life improved since they moved to this Gulf country, making the UAE the 13th best place for quality of life of children.

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