Top 3 myths on Australia immigration debunked

Top 3 myths on Australia Immigration

There is no doubt that Australia is a popular choice for individuals wishing to migrate abroad. The country promises a better quality of life and a multicultural society where there is peace and harmony.

Australia offers various visa subcategories to applicants who meet specific eligibility requirements. The Australian government provides different immigration streams to streamline the immigration process, filter immigrants, and ensure that only suitable applicants are granted visas.

Each immigration program has its own set of eligibility standards and selection criteria.

With such an immigration structure, it is natural that there will be myths related to immigration to Australia. Here we debunk some of the common myths surrounding immigration to Australia.

Myth 1- If you study in Australia, you will automatically become a permanent resident

Though it might be tempting to believe this myth, this is not exactly true. While studying in Australia can positively impact your PR application, it is not the sole factor. Australia follows a point-based system in which studies in Australia are an important factor. Other factors such as your age, work experience, and English language proficiency determine your eligibility for an Australia PR visa.

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However, specific study programs such as engineering, accounting, and nursing can lead to a PR visa because they are related to occupations in demand.

Myth 2- Your previous offshore work experience will be recognized 

Some immigration applicants tend to believe that the work experience they have gained in their own country or other countries before submitting their PR application for Australia will determine their qualification for a PR visa. It is not true. Australia has its own regulatory body that will screen immigration applicants and determine any bridging program experienced professionals will have to go through in Australia based on the country’s standards. Foreign professionals who complete this program will then get recognition as practicing professionals in Australia. Offshore work experience does not determine one’s success in getting a PR visa.

Myth 3- You can keep trying to get your PR visa approval

Some applicants believe that they can apply for a PR visa even after their first application is rejected. The point here is once your application is denied, there is very little chance that your subsequent PR application will be approved.

Subsequent visa applications are not only a waste of time and money, but it could also be illegal to submit further applications. But there are some visas you could still apply for. The important fact is to get one’s visa application right the first time so that there is little ground for rejection. A well-planned and complete visa application will ensure success in the first time itself.

With such myths around Australian immigration, it is best to get the help of an immigration consultant to submit your Australia PR. They will help you separate the myths and the facts and submit a PR application that has a better chance of being accepted.

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