Top 10 Canadian Universities of 2022

Top 10 Canadian Universities 2022

For international students, Canada has become a popular choice. Canadian universities are a popular study abroad option due to their robust infrastructure, sophisticated curriculum, and well-equipped campuses.

Aside from that, Canadian universities have a high ranking among foreign colleges and universities, as well as an excellent reputation, making them top-ranked international student destinations.

Top reasons why students choose Canada:

  • Quality of the Canadian education system
  • Prestige of degree or diploma from that institution
  • Availability of the desired program
  • Tolerant and non-discriminatory nature of Canadian society
  • A safe environment
  • Numerous research opportunities
  • Possibility of immigration after completing the course
  • Vibrant campus atmosphere
  • International students have the option of working when studying
  • Good internship opportunities

Top universities in Canada for 2022

According to the QS World University Rankings, these are the top universities in Canada for 2021:

  1. University of Toronto

In the 2022 QS university rankings, the University of Toronto is placed first, largely due to its academic credibility score, where it ranks 26 worldwide. The University of Toronto, which was founded in 1827, has grown to become Canada’s foremost learning, discovery, and knowledge creation institution. It is one of the top research-intensive universities in the world, with a strong desire to invent and innovate.

  1. McGill University

At number two is McGill University which is based in Montreal. McGill University is one of Canada’s most distinguished universities, recruiting thousands of international students each year from over 150 countries and having the greatest percentage of PhD students of any Canadian research university. McGill University is known for its 50 research institutes and centers, 400+ programs, rich history, and strong alumni network of 250,000 people all over the world. It is ranked 27 among world universities.

  1. University of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia, ranked number three in Canada, is one of the best universities for medical/doctoral schools. Its world ranking is 46.

UBC is ranked first in the world for climate change action and sustainability research, which is a noteworthy fact. More than 68,000 students from Canada and 140 countries around the world attend the University of British Columbia, which attracts, nurtures, and inspires them. More than 370,000 people from 148 countries are part of UBC’s worldwide alumni network. Among UBC’s graduates are eight Nobel laureates and 71 Rhodes Scholars, as well as three Canadian prime ministers.

  1. Université de Montréal

The life sciences and medical programs, as well as the school of pharmacy and pharmacology, at the Universite de Montréal, a French-speaking research institution in Montreal, are well-known. In 1878, the university was founded as a satellite campus of Université Laval.

  1. University of Alberta

The University of Alberta in Edmonton, which accepts more than 40,000 foreign students from 156 countries each year, obtains the highest score in the international faculty indicator. This school is well-known around the world for its dominance in agriculture, medicine, and social sciences.

The University of Alberta attracts the greatest and brightest minds from all over the world thanks to world-class facilities including Canada’s National Institute for Nanotechnology and the Li Ka Shing Institute of Virology. In 18 faculties, our students can pick from 400 undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs. With the most 3M national teaching fellowships (Canada’s top honor for undergraduate teaching quality), the University of Alberta is known around the world for providing graduates with the knowledge and skills to be tomorrow’s leaders, with over 100 years of history and 250,000 alumni.

  1. McMaster University

McMaster University, renowned for its prestigious medical school, is one of the top three research-intensive universities in Canada. The university is located in Hamilton, Ontario. Here are some main research fields that McMaster focuses on:

  • Human Health and Social Determinants
  • Indigenous Research
  • Global Sustainability
  • Materials and the Built Society
  1. University of Waterloo

The University of Waterloo is regarded as Canada’s most innovative university, gaining the seventh place in the world rankings this year. This university is well-known for its innovative co-op and experiential learning program. Every year, the University of Washington collaborates with over 7,100 employers and business leaders to provide students with cooperative education opportunities.

With this program, students can apply classroom experience to the workplace while also earning money to help support their education and preparing for the job market.

The University of Waterloo offers more than 100 programs in areas like as business, health, engineering, math, science, the arts, and the environment.

You can integrate up to two years of relevant job experience as part of your degree through the world’s largest co-op (paid internship) program, providing you an advantage in your future profession. Many of the world’s largest firms are represented in the university’s network of over 7,100 employers.

  1. Western University

Western University was founded in 1878 and now has over 38,000 students from 121 countries. It is one of Canada’s top research universities.

This university has a high citations per professor statistic, indicating that its students can produce a large number of high-quality research publications.

  1. University of Ottawa

The University of Ottawa is a public research university in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, that was founded in 1848. The University of Ottawa offers over 400 graduate and undergraduate programs. Social science, law, education, the arts, and health sciences are all available at the institution. Bio-Medical Science, Commerce, Globalization, and International Queer Cinema are just a few of the university’s subjects. Molecular and Environmental Sciences, E-society, and Health are the core areas of study at Ottawa University, which is ranked among the top 10 research universities in Canada.

The university’s many faculties offer a wide range of academic programs that are well-known for their educational quality and rankings.

  • University of Calgary

The University of Calgary is one of Canada’s top six comprehensive research universities. With over 250 majors and a 94.1 percent graduate employment rate, this university attracts over 33,000 students each year. If you’re looking for research-oriented programs, this school is well-known for addressing these six global goals:

  • Energy innovations
  • Human dynamics in a changing world
  • Engineering solutions for health and well-being
  • Earth-space technologies
  • Infections, inflammation, and chronic diseases
  • Brain and mental health

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