Tips to help the fresh and ready jobseeker to land a job in Canada

how to get job in Canada as a new comers

Search for a job in Canada is your first step in the process of migrating to the nation that’s in need of many more skilled and resourceful immigrants to take care of its economy. If you are educated, skilled, qualified, and ready to work in Canada, it’s time you went about job hunting in Canada.

You will want to look for a job in which you are already involved and has the experience to back your skills. In case you are new to Canada, it will be a novel experience for you to get so much input and guidance from a work abroad consultancy.

These days, with the COVID-19 pandemic all around, it will make you put in more preparation and effort to realize your dream of landing a job in Canada. So, stay updated about the latest happenings in the Canadian labor market and Canada immigration circles.

Here, we will give you some quick tips to successfully find a job of your liking and choice in Canada.

Polish and update your resume

We needn’t tell you that resume makes a world of difference in how the potential employer looks at you even before you meet them. So, it matters that you polish your resume well enough to catch the interest and impression of a Canadian employer. Here are a few tips:

  • Canadians prefer resumes formatted in a traditional fashion
  • Give highlights of your work experience
  • Prepare a focused resume meant for the post you are seeking rather than a generic resume and send it likewise to chosen employers and job openings
  • It’s recommended to add a well-written covering letter

Narrow your job search

Choose jobs to apply for based on what matches your experience and skillset. And of course, let the opportunity excite you. To seek out job openings with such specificity could be time-consuming and quite an effort. But trust this, it’s going to be much more worth it than spreading your resume to almost every opportunity that’s listed on Canadian job sites.

Also, it will be wise to choose the area in Canada where you would want to pitch your resume. E.g., if you are an IT expert, try to find a job and settle in cities like Vancouver or Toronto.

Find the right resources

You are a first-timer and it’s natural for you to be confused about where to find a job opening listed online. You can look for genuine and suitable job opportunities in:

  • Job Bank of the Canadian government – This is an official website for job listings in Canada. It even has listings for COVID-19 related jobs which obviously are in-demand now.
  • Candian immigration resources – The Canadian government has all the immigration resources you will need to get your SIN along with getting the assessment of your credentials done.

Learn to network

This advice takes you beyond job search websites. Social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook are hugely resourceful in broadening your professional network. There are umpteen recruiters posting and sharing job opportunities on these social media platforms where you must create an engaging profile.

Rather than just putting up your resume for grabs, keep posting professional content and enrich your profile enough to catch the eye of a potential employer in Canada. Also, connect with professionals in your chosen field and stand a chance to get an offer to work in Canada.

Listen to podcasts

Podcasts are extremely helpful in getting an idea of the Canadian experience at the workplace and in the community. Listen to podcasts of those who have first-hand knowledge of the Canada immigration process.

Get strong endorsements

It’s always an asset to get letters of recommendation from your past employers. Keep healthy relations with them and who knows, if your old employer had any ties with Canadian recruiters, you may get a lead to a suitable job! That too with your ex-employer vouching for you!

Improve your interview skills

Oh yes! The most valuable suggestion probably that can come your way. That’s because even if you nailed your resume when it comes to a personal interview, so many people blow it and come back to square one.

Learn the tips about confident communication and excellent presentation involving flawless body language from expert guides through podcasts or seminars. It’s important to watch your dress code for the interview. If you are going for an interview, your attire may better be formal so that you can look serious about the opportunity at hand.

Stay in the conversation, focused, precise, concise, and confident. It’s worthwhile to remember that your demeanor, attitude, and confidence are the factors assessed even before they start with their scores for your knowledge and qualifications. Never shy away from showing a genuine interest in the company for the qualities you saw were great. Companies need employees who will stay and contribute rather than go opportunistic to jump for just a better package.

Besides all these, it will help you much to work on your teleworking skills. That’s because, in the future, a lot of communication, presentation, and pitching will be done via online communication tools such as Zoom. In fact, it’s already almost the norm during the COVID-19 pandemic. Your being skillful in in-person and teleworking skills will raise your prospects in the company many times more.

And to give you a parting shot, perseverance is the greatest virtue you can attain and practice in finding jobs in Canada. Always learn from the misses, strengthen your skills, and overcome your weaknesses. Success will be yours.

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