The best options to move to Canada without a job in 2021

Move to Canada without a job in 2021

Isn’t Canada your favorite destination? Won’t you like to get a Canada PR visa and go settle in Canada? What if you could do this even without a job in hand? Sounds like you always wanted to know more about this? That’s why we are here to tell you about it!

To start with, Canada is a country with an aging population and a low birth-rate. Hence, it’s imperative that the country has to seek people to populate it and contribute to its economic and social development. So, if you are a skilled, qualified, and suitable candidate for any of the in-demand jobs in Canada, you can immigrate through one of the 2 programs for immigration Canada offers.

Let’s delve into some detail on how these programs work for you and how they let you move into Canada even without a job.

The Express Entry System

This one, you can’t miss if you have already tried to learn something about Canada immigration. The Express Entry System is the fastest and the most prominent immigration program in Canada. If you want to move to Canada via the Express Entry program, you will have to first create a profile with the Express Entry system.

Before doing that, you have to sure that you are eligible for immigration through the Express Entry system. Once you create a profile online, based on your inputs, the CRS will rank your profile with a score and will add you to a pool of applicants for one of their economy-class programs namely:

  • FSTP – This is meant for those with experience or qualification in trade occupations
  • FSWP – This is meant for people who possess the skills and qualifications in professional and managerial jobs
  • CEC – This is meant for people in FSTP or FSWP possessing the experience of work in Canada of at least a year

It’s up to you to improve on your CRS ranking if you are eligible for one of these programs. This is important as the higher your CRS score the better your chance to get an ITA following a selection in an immigration draw. This can be done by getting more qualifications or experience in the area of trade or profession you have chosen.

The Canada PNP

Besides a federal route to immigration Canada offers entry into the country via its provinces with its PNP immigration programs. Each Canadian province has labor market requirements, which means the employers of every province need skilled and qualified workers to undertake their jobs on offer.

Each province has its own immigration streams named differently, but that falls into any of these generic program types:

  • In-demand/critical impact categories – Workers under these categories are expected to fill the acute shortages of labor in Canadian provinces.
  • Skilled worker categories – The process of application for candidates under these categories are similar to that of the Express Entry program. The workers who come under these categories are qualified and/or possessing significant experience in their jobs. They apply directly to the province.
  • International Graduate categories – International students who study in Canada at a post-secondary institution of a certain province will want to keep them in the province after their studies are done. If you are such a student, you will be motivated by the province to become a PR in the province in case you are willing to continue living and working in the province.

So, now you know the major pathways you have to immigrate to Canada even if you have no job in hand while applying.

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PR – Permanent Residence

CRS – Comprehensive Ranking System

FSTP – Federal Skilled Trades Program

FSWP – Federal Skilled Workers Program

CEC – Canada Experience Program

ITA – Invitation to Apply

PNP – Provincial Nominee Program

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